Rapper 50 Cent is a Bitcoin Millionaire!

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Did you hear the most recent news? Yup, 50 Cent is a BITCOIN Millionaire due to allowing his fans to purchase his 2014 album, Animal Ambition, with bitcoin. At the time it seemed like a silly idea but now, he has made a killing! I mean talk about being ahead of the game...

He just found out about this money sitting in his account. If had he found out a few weeks ago, he could have cashed out even bigger. What should 50 do? Cash out or sit on the millions? What would you do? I am still new to this so I have no clue what I would do lol

Moments like this make me stay loyal to Steemit. Before you know it, those of us that trusted it from the beginning will be well rewarded in the end. Steem on Folks!


How many millionaires were made like that?

Well if we are talking "celebs," according to this article, here are at least 10 celebs that invested in Bitcoin on or before 2014: Coin Desk

He should change his name to 50 million cent!

LOL 50 Million Bitcoin ;)