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Ever wonder why I posted this cover image for my steemit blog page although my previous blogs are unrelated? Before I was new to steemit I was observing how this social media works, I am afraid to share my knowledge and experience when it comes to music, and on how Filipino people can contribute their expertise like me when it comes to music.

I would like to make this blog as an introduction for myself as notebringer. Why? it is something like a name of a wizard or a caster that cast spell. Notebringer is person that brings enchanting notes from his heart by means of musical compositions.

Special thanks to @kelvininigo for drawing this logo for me

Please take a little time to hear some of my old previous upload before...

Song Title: All I Want Is You Today
Original music by: South Boarder
Cover song by: Notebringer

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Thank You.


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The pianist, napanood mo na yun? Ganda movie heheh

yes bro.. one of the best movie that inspired me to make this video.. 😁😁😁

keep in touch... there is a lot more to come.. thanks 😁😁😁