TBP Artist Development Contest Submission

in music •  7 months ago

This is my artist development submission for a contest that TeamBackPack is having. Check it out at TBP.Network if you wanna give it a try too!


His pen is bleeding, his psyches trippin',
His lips are movin
If you dumbin it down this might could get it bit confusin'
Get it?
I aint think so
Gotta couple tabs on my mushroom caps
Nobody foolin this kid
He outcast he a misfit
Like fuck em fuck em i dont wanna know em
All I really wanna do is rap
Bumpin that Ready To Die and that Illmatic
While i chill back and roll a bag
Break the weed down then we blow it back
Who did you think you was coming to see?
Nicholas Chambers, nah he stranger, they call me Acid Droppin NMC
Back again yes
I ain't finished yet
Put my voice all on that beat
I hit home with those who i reach
So they listen close when i speak
LA to NY just to progress a bit
Testin his, penmanship
Now he etchin up excellence
I aint slowed down just one bit
I could roll round up in yo town and when i leave they bumpin my shit
I'm nothing much but I'm standin up if they steppin to me
Like fall back I got a couple tabs in my ball cap
Spit is acidic I'm sicker than sick is just needing you to take a peep
If you mumble and jumble this shit isn't for you I'm needing you to take a seat
While I'm puttin hands all up on this beat
I be spittin fire every time I speak
Never gon retire i aint gonna leave
Till I've got Gs up to my knees
Let it breathe..
...My city is comin' to play
I think its time to give us our props cuz its been rainin on us all day
Negativity all in my face
Fuck em my vibe is always the cleanest
They seem mean but they acting a scene
And I ready to believe em
Fuck that one line shit no I'm just here to put in that work
Chorus be easy I be spending more time writing that verse
Y'all can't fuck with the kid he practice all day
Y'all better retreat right back where y'all stay
Been keepin it real y'all actin all day
Fuck what they sayin', fuck what they sayin'
Thought he was done but I'm not
Pen is still moving, beat is still playing and I ain't done till it stops
Just a young man, writin puffin pot
Legal in my town so I ain't gonna stop
Keep them brain waves twisted
They ain't listenin
But they been hearin it tho
Believe this...
Been at it for half of my life
Fuck this 4th grade homework been bumpin that Biggie now all I wanna do is write
Play that beat play that beat
Play that loud when you play it for me
They might flow but they can't compete
They all smoke but cant hang with me
I aint trippin if I'm hittin weed
Light the piff and then we gettin keyed
If he trippin then he spittin heat
I'm ill at will, like Eddie when he popping pills
Keep on pushing I ain't never finished
Notepad close I'm writing every minute
Keep the beat playing no I never listen
to yall
Your lack of talent always pissin me off
An emcee with an open mind
Look West I ain't hard to find
If you aint pickin him then you crazy
You ain't spit the whole beat you lazy
Heavy hitter holla hear the facts
Hit the fuckin door if you aint here to rap
I'll take your fucking mic and never give it back
This aint your game homie never get attached
Been silent but I'm back to get em
Crew trouble trouble so he bring em wit him
Guide em through it all so they can see the vision, yeahhh
Nobody sicker than him...
And if I don't win, believe I'll be back again and again and again

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