Lights Out by N.M.C.

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Lights Out.
The beat I used for this song is a re-created version of Hopsin's song "Bus That" that was originally produced by Kato. This version was re-created by a producer on YouTube named Reveal.

After a tree hit the line attached to our house we were left with no power. What we thought would only be a few days turned into an entire month. Luckily we're on our way to a new home, but while we were here in the dark, I wrote this song. As well as plenty more that you can look forward to hearing! Enjoy!



Been a straight month, tree hit the line, now I'm chillin in the dark and I'm writing with the lights out
Unless you got a flashlight on your phone or a lighter in your pocket you ain't seeing shit in my house
Time out
Fuck the law they ain't helpin' shit
Landlord got a nephew pist
We ain't payin no rent haven't sent you shit
Gave up on us quick said it's best you dip
Cold water no heat, by the end of summer we bout to freeze
Oven don't work so we at Micky D's
Spent my last 5 on some burgers with cheese
Dwell in the darkness we sparkin' up tree
Candles on candles so family could see
Flashlight ready when I take a pee
Struggle add muscle to my inner peace
Motherfucker we pushin' through quick
Only see real when you lookin' at Nick
I can't deny it, persona defiant, we rollin' up giant Blunts so take a hit
I am no king nor am I bitch
TeamWork Make The Dream Work
So I'm all about that TroubleSome like I'm young and dumb and don't mean shit
Please bitch, bring the lights back
I need babe's cookin', and a hot shower
It's funny tho how my concentration at the peak the weeks when We ain't got power
It's bittersweet my pen in movement
Look into my life you could bet I'm losin'
But I'm pushin' right though you could bet I'm movin
If the tank say low you could bet I'm cruisin'
Yup, I gotta get where I gotta be
Even if it take time, you a boutta see a lotta me
Company Trouble we rollin up a lotta tree
Zombie by nature we boutta make it through this odyssey
New... Age... Hippy
Often I wonder, Do... They... Get... Me
Then I remember that I do not care
Prolly cuz, I... Do... Stay... Trippy
Call me N M fuckin C
That chubby white boy who be puffin on the weed
Rat City native, ain't no fuckin imitation you could find me on strip trippin on some LSD
That's real shit
Buy and split the sheet with crew
High and still leave the beat with a bruise
I am more fuckin' beast than a zoo
Only peep if what I'm speak-in is true
My struggle is real, rain fall drippin right through the roof
Dustin' it off, its nothin' at all, fuck worry baby we makin' moves
Hate this be patient we makin it through
Head up if I been relating to you
While you wondering what it's like in my house
I'll be chillin' writin' with the lights out
Like fuck it


Yeah I'm feelin this shit right here homie!!!!!!!

Thanks for the listen

Dope stuff. I really dig your flow. Can you link me to more of your work? I'm a music producer.


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