ROCK CALENDAR: September 13, 1951-born Alexander Rosenbaum, a Russian musician

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Alexander Rosenbaum is a talented person and multi-talented.
He graduated from Leningrad Children's music school № 18 in piano and violin.A neighbor of his grandmother was a famous guitarist Mikhail Minin, who learned the basics, guitar playing taught himself, participated in Amateur performances, then graduated from the evening music school in the class of arrangement. Played for friends, played at home, played in the yard. According to Alexander Yakovlevich, he "on stage with five years." He went to figure skating, at the age of 12 he moved to the Boxing section "labor reserves". Worked in the evening jazz school at the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov. On the one hand, in Leningrad was these opportunities that he enjoyed, but somewhere in Bumfuck... But this is nonsense. Chyzh was born and grew up in Dzerzhinsk, and many of my St. Petersburg friends were not interested in anything but domestic football in childhood, and it is impossible to make them go to violin lessons after school. Maybe the traditions of the Jewish family and obedience to parents forced the boy to combine Boxing and violin, but one thing is certain – his parents did not want to harm him and helped him to prove himself in different areas.
As a musician, Rosenbaum is known for composing and performing his songs, and he began his career, as Vysotsky, with frankly thieves songs, gaining popularity. Then gradually moved on to Patriotic songs with which he began to put in a decent society. For me Rosenbaum is interesting primarily as a guitarist-accompanist, guitarists of this class in Russia a little bit-Bichevskaya, Nikitin, no one else comes to mind. They will not play any rock-gash or "Moonlight Sonata", but not everyone will play their chord accompaniment (though - and not everyone will hear).
Rosenbaum is a big fan of living and rejoicing and not a fan of conflict with anyone, does not condemn anything and never protests, even his Afghan songs are full of sadness about the brave guys who laid down their heads, performing an international duty. Accordingly, in 2003 he was elected Deputy of the State Duma of Russia from party "United Russia". He held office until 2005. In 2005, he signed a letter among 50 members of the public in support of the verdict of the former leaders of Yukos. He signed an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev among 42 well-known Petersburgers in support of the construction of the Okhta center. In December 2015, for his political position and views on the Ukrainian events of 2013-2014, Rosenbaum was included in the black list of Russian artists who are "persona non grata" in Ukraine. ). People's artist of the Russian Federation (2001). In short-path Kobzon. For God's sake, that's not it. The main thing-he is a talented artist and continues to delight us with his creativity. And he has a lot of fans, and this is his main capital.

I took the u-tube one of my favorite of his songs.

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