Arsentich, a friend of Nikаlaich, a favorite of Marshal Zhukov

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Yes, it happens and this in life. Friends with a difference of 40 years.

Vladimir Arsentyevich Serebrov. The legend of the Ural sport. Honored coach of the RSFSR for hockey.

He was my father's friend. Gradually became friends and I with him. Hundreds of hours we spent in one fishing boat.

Thousands of stories he told me. About myself, about time, about sport.

Always together we rested at the factory recreation center in the Upper Sysert. Arsentich was my mentor in fishing business. Proffi. To retire in the 90's live was tugovato, so he made lures and sold them through the commission department of "Sporttovarov."

Tall, gray, straight. When I saw Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, I had a shock. Double SerebrovSporting statement, it's understandable. Hockey with a puck and with a ball, football (started in the Leningrad "Zenith"). At the same time he smoked, mostly parpies. I at one time switched to them, that would reduce their volumes of "smoked". And I found a place where they sold the real "Kazbek". Always zatarivayas and for Arsentich.

Generally, the military generation of athletes was mostly smokers. Football players like Yashin resigned in the breaks of matches. But Vladimir Kuts, our two-time olimpionik-stayer (who also had a lung at the front), smoked and in training. Runs 10,000 meters. Will get tired. He will smoke. And then he runs.
And at the same time he always won. Including the Olympics. Because they win not by the strength of the body, but by the power of the spirit. Great were people, aliens.

It was not a fool to drink Arsentyevich either. But always in moderation. For the mood".

I remember how we finished the 1998 World Cup with him at the base. He was dressed in the lighthouse of the Brazilian national team, presented to him by someone from the "legends", or Vava, or Garrincha. I do not remember.

And I offered to bet that the French will win.

The loser at the end of the match covers the "clearing". And it was not cheap, because I had only a TV on the base, I typed a dozen or three on the veranda of the peasants. ))For a long time I then walked proud, from a man who has grown hundreds of professional football players and hockey players to win such a bet ...)

And the way of Vladimir Arsentyevich in Soviet sport is truly glorious. I repeat that he was a station wagon, like many famous coaches and players of the time. Football, bendi and newfangled "hockey with the ball."

After the war, he coached the Dynamo team of Sverdlovsk (future "Motorist") for a still "untapped" hockey with a puck.

In February 1948, Georgy Zhukov was appointed commander of the Ural Military District.

Marshal paid special attention to physical training. Ask your grandfathers or fathers who served in the SA at that time, they will tell you about the "Indian hour of Marshal Zhukov."
Bendix (hockey) at that time sport number 2 in the USSR after football. In Sverdlovsk there was a team at the District House of Officers. So it was called "ODO". But the "stars from the sky" was not enough.

Because Zhukov ordered to find an "intelligent coach." Found. Serebrov. But not as the "main" (too young, only 23 years old) but for the role of "playing coach," uncles.

"Just tell us who of the players in the USSR is needed for our team, we'll immediately" sneak into the army. "So Arsentich instructed the" Marshal of Victory. "

I came to trainings, to the matches. He was a passionate fan. As a result, the backbone of the SKA team (sports club of the army) Sverdlovsk was laid.Which already in 1950 became the USSR champion in hockey. And for many years the leader of the domestic bandy (tenfold champion of the country, the owner of all European cups) and the base team of the USSR team.

For several decades Serebrov headed our factory club "Uralkhimmash". One of the leaders of the first league. But the "tower" was not allowed.

The plant did not have the capacity to maintain a major league team, to rebuild the stadium. Because local success was welcomed, the whole season the team went to the leaders of their "conference", but the curtain needed a little "blown away."
But "Urahimmash" was a farm club of the same SKA, and Serebrov brought up a lot of famous masters, multiple champions of the USSR and the world (including my friend-classmate).

But when the trouble came and to save Arsenyitch's life, an operation was required .. Time had already come another ... We needed money for it.

"Uralkhimmash" stayed aside (but now holds tournaments of memory "Coach")

The plant was divided among themselves by the oligarchs Gaisin, Bakov and Fedulev.There was a natural carnage. With raider seizures, buying up and extortion of shares. So it was not up to people then. "Diamond dust" has beaten people's brains and hearts.

And, it's unclear why, no one informed me. Although the amount needed for the operation was ridiculous for me at that time.

The result is clear.

From this tragedy I learned a lesson. It is necessary to meet as often as possible with friends. And if there is no possibility, then at least call them, ask. Is there any problem. Do not need help.

Otherwise, there is a risk next time to see a friend only in the coffin.

A.Makarevich "Old friends"


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