Super Mario Bros Theme - Special Effect "Other me" that play with me

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Due to the anniversary of Super Mario Bros , the Marketing Department of Arigato Studio decided to pay him a small tribute. We, in the department of music and sound design, took the opportunity to make a very funny video where "another me" appears accompanying me on the keyboards.

Before to explain to you how we did the camera effect, I will tell you about the instrument we used

The first one was the analog synth ** _ Juno106 de Roland _ **, this is a wonderfull instrument from the 80`s in wich performed the main theme (use it it's like to travel in time, I will write about it in a next article); and the second one was a MIDI controller with a electric piano sound for intensify some melodies, emphasize dynamics and fill up the harmony.

** _ In the audiovisual theme, _ ** with a static camera and a time track in the DAW, we recorded the Juno. In the same take, for not take risk to move the camera, we recorded the MIDI controller part.

After the mix, we take everything to the software of edition ** _ Premiere _ **, cutted the two parts (juno and controller), and sync them with the audio track. I will not explain how to operate the software of edition because this is not the object in this article, I just will tell you the logic that we follow and then you can use it in any other software.

With both videos synchronized, we searched the effect ”Crop” y applied it to each one:

We moved the respective right and left values for each video to see the complementary part. It is important to do it in both videos, and that the sum of the two values be equal to 100%; For example, if in a video you moved the value ** _ "Right" _ ** to 52%, the other one must have the value ** _ "Left" _ ** at 48%.

After that, we settled up the “fade black”, “fade in” and “fade out” in the track and it`s done, we have created a twin that plays with us

It is important to be very clear of the space handled in each take and not make movements that cross the border where we did the cuts, because they will disappear and you will kill the magic of the effect. Likewise, we must be aware of the wiring of the instruments; if you realized, the take used does not show the floor, this has the purpose of not seeing how the cable disappears from the headphones, which was the same in both shots.

It has been a pleasure to have made this video and I hope you have understood a bit the logic of the effect.
If you want to see the work done by the studio, you can follow your Instagram account:

See you in a next article!
P.S. Sorry for the mistakes, I am starting with the english articles.


Love this one - cracked me up when you "died" lol

¡Excelente trabajo de edición!

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