Greetings from Ireland!!!

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Hey all - I guess I should introduce myself! Nick from Ireland - warrior drummer - martial artist - and fiercely loyal friend! Hoping to make friends here, and learn more about people from all corners of this amazing global village we live in.

I spend every day trying to be better - at what I do, and simply at being a good human! I have a fun and interesting side, which I am eternally grateful for. One night you might find me topless and bodypainted in a niteclub surrounded by dancers, the next night I'll be dressed up in a tuxedo with the symphony orchestra ... waiting for 40 minutes to strike a triangle :-)

Here's my first pic of myself on Steemit - in my happy place! My touring percussion rig, shot from above, in Radio City Music Hall, New York, a few years back! @originalworks DSCF1253.JPG


Hello!! Greetings from Japan! I have a few friends that live in Ireland when I knew them from going to school with them in England!

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Hey thanks Joe! I have been fortunate enough to visit Japan several times, it's my favourite country in the whole world!!

But welcome to steem! I'm excited to see your account launch in the right direction!!

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Oh wow really? I'm in Okinawa Japan, the bottom island and boy is it hot and humid here. I have never been to a place where you walk outside and your glasses fog up so you can't see 😂😂

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Thank you man! It looks like an exciting community here, far more attractive than any other online at the moment. Time will tell - but it's all good!

You are welcome to steem