Canon Composition: Lesson 3 Example of a "Real" Whole Note Sketch

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Canon Composition: Lesson 3: The previous two lessons presented the basics but didn't modulate. Here is a whole note sketch of the A and B part for a Theme and Variations (see links below). This was the actual whole sketch that I used (and am still using, since I'm not quite done with this third movement of the sonata) to compose the four variations thus far. Here I illustrate how a third, free voice can be added to two imitating voices in order to spell out the harmony a little more clearly and to provide more harmonic structure from which to build non-imitative phrases (which I do in a couple of the variations presented thus far).
Lesson 3 PDF file
Lesson 3 Ogg audio file

You can see the resulting variations (theme plus four variations) at
and hear them at

Enjoy! (Warning, the theme and variations are over 12 minutes long. These are 12 minutes of your life you won't get back! But may the ROI will be worth it!)

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