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I love music - i'm not very good at making it but I wont go a day without my tunes.
Music is a big part of my life and there's not a day where I go without it. Over the years I've gathered so many good songs and always looking to add more to my collection.

I will be posting my top 10 bangers to Steemit regularly with this being my first.

I'm sure not everyone will appreciate my music taste and that's fine - I just hope to reach a couple of people that love it as much as I do.

Rah-C - So Much

Ramson Badbonez - Whateva Da Weatha

CunninLynguists - Beyond The Sun

$uicideBoy$ - LTE

Fliptrix - Deep Set Thought

Pouya - Scrubs

Tim Gent - Rising Son

ZVRG - Paranoia

Blaze - One More

Kyle Bent - Lifestyle

Ps. Please feel free to leave me some of your song recommendations in the comments - i'd love to listen to them.

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thank you for share it ! and if you like music keep going and follow your dream and you should to spent time with people they like music and want to make it too then you can get more opinion for make your song done



come to listen my dj mix @changfly


Thank you! I agree, keep pushing and never give up!

nice thanks for sharing followed


Thanks @deshwal nice to have you :)

I love music too, thanks for sharing~