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RE: Cry Little Sister Cover from The Lost Boys movie: second in Quarantine series

in #music2 years ago

Dear GAWD this is an amazing cover! The Lost Boys is one of my favorite 80's movies, and Cry Little Sister is one of the best songs on the soundtrack (although, if we're being honest, they're all pretty damn good). But this is haunting, melodious, and just plain gorgeous. My dear @yidneth, you did this one justice. Thank you so much for sharing with us mere mortals. :)


Thanks for the encouraging reply. I know it's a bit different than the original being a female voice and maybe more synth based which is what I play. I had lots of fun, though I love to film outdoor landscapes truth is that i'm in lockdown so I am venturing other courses :) like doing geeky things I fancy try, glad you thought It was worth the listen ! :) thanks

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