New Clubbing Track "FADED- By WIZARDZ"

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New Song Released Called FADED - WIZARDZ

I spent some serious effort to manually create fading in all the right places and to trim edit and cut the junk segments out, it's turned out pretty nicely actualy.

This is house meets trance in WIZARDZ style, a hybrid clubbing anthem a tune with a memorable jingle.

Link To Song:


wizard badges.jpg


thanks for using the steem blockchain to post your story
You got a small upvote from me, I hope it will help you and the whole community to thrive.

Thanks for the support, I am currently preparing to release a new song shortly minutes to hours away. Thanks .

Thanks for the support, I try my best and I am litteraly uploading a new track as I write this, I saw your comment and thought I'd reply whilst at it.

Great and you're welcome :)
if you need some help contact me on discord i will be there for you :)

Thanks mate, I've just started on bandcamp I'll be posting about that shortly and linking the page in the article, I have just placed back in time as best as possible edit I can do within working around production but if your interested in the future or right now in any music or anyone you might know may find it in their interest to buy here's that link

interested but it's hard to get people to buy your music when you still at the beginning of this road BUT my advice to you is "TRY HARDER" then you will reach to your goal for sure :)

I'm a sort of build it post it move on kind of guy, with very little experience I just do it as I like the sound of and move on to the next release, I have been at this since may/june 2018 but only was shown how to use logic in a day forgot most of it and had to make up the rest until now.

I'd like to better polish my tracks iron out those annoying excesses, maybe in time I will learn to do that, but for now I'll soldier on and keep them coming thanks for the feedback.

my pleasure :)

Added another totally other end of the spectrum track moments ago, it's a sort of blend of modern classical trance and vocal.

I actually found a way to amend the flawed midi sounds eg. piano's and vocal etc, I can now equalise them so it's not as faint with regards to that now.