in music •  4 months ago

Another release this time in my own hard house style vein, with thumping bass and changes completely throughout in various areas to flip the track in another direction, Enjoy!

Link To Song:



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Hi mod1t,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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Thank you Curie project, I'm feeling very gratified to have been upvoted by the community, and I will endeavour to keep as many songs coming as possible for you all.

Above all I am glad you like the song, it's always a privilege to have support here.

congratulations for the curation from @curie !

we suppose to be glad that he is searching through the whole steemit for the undervalue posts and reward it. without his effort, probably I would never find this track. And It would be a really shame because it very energetic and ass-kicking with some uplifting moments. If I can recommend you something, I saw that you didn't use all 5 tags. For the future, you can also include hashtags #techno or #technofriday to reach the wider audience. We are building very interesting community of helpful people around these tags, perhaps you will be able to manage some new contacts here
Wish you all the best and from now I am following you for more electronic music which can get my support :)


The track is now released


congratulations for releasing the track and I am glad that I helped you with this information about 5 tags.
I am waiting for the next tunes man :)


Thanks buddy


Thanks cubapl , I'm currently as have posted working on a track, it's been absolutely nightmarish on the final edit currently trying to reduce distortion.

That's a lot of effort tweaking and I hope to get this out asap, if all goes well minutes away if not it's hours upon hours possibly at worst case, but really do want it out as soon as really.

I appreciate the kind words and your support following me, it's always good to hear feedback, I'm definately going to add the genre to my music in hash tags like you say, in fact I hadn't realised it's 5 hash tags thought it was 3 allowed, so thanks for the heads up there my friend and stay tuned track release is pending.