MUSIC PRODUCTION: 3 Essential FREE VSTs for audio destruction

in #music4 years ago

Here are 3 VST effects designed to decimate an incoming audio signal into something completely unrecognizable.

  1. Buffer Override
    You either know this one and have it, or you don't know it and don't have it. It was created a loooong time ago (2002!!) by Destroy FX. It is free to download on their website to this day. It is a one-of-a-kind effect as it does something quite unique to an incoming audio signal- namely, it overrides your DAW's audio processing buffer size to be a smaller buffer size. The end result is an effect kind of similar to bit-crushing but with MUCH more options and directions the sound can go.

  2. Scrubby
    Another one from DFX, circa 2002. Scrubby can be a bit difficult to use as it will literally transform the incoming audio signal into a complete mess. It basically speeds up or slows down playback, runs backwards or forwards, violating the laws of time and space. The end result is seldom musical or harmonic in any sense of those words. Despite that, musicians with a bit of glitchy imagination can find a plethora of uses for this little guy.

  3. Valhalla Freq Echo
    Not so much a "destruction" effect, but can definitely transform incoming audio into unrecognizable whooshes, shrieks, and echoes. It is basically a delay plugin where the delay time is fundamentally patched into the pitch of incoming audio. You can achieve similar results with a lot of delay plugins, but not all of them are free :)

That's it for today. Hope at least one of these was new for you. Happy producing!


Nice post i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music,deep house,afro house etc,Good luck over here ;)

Nice tips mate! I only have Valhalla Freq Echo here from before, will check out the other 2 for sure :)

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