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Man, have I got a great classic for you guys today. This song has been a real awakener and confidence booster for me, with some very precisely formulated and well crafted quotes, like:

"I'm not the fucking needle in the haystack that you finally found"

"I ain't the dishrag to come clean up all the shit that you dish out"

"Not the wheel on the wagon you wanna break, cause I hold up the weight for the team"

Yelawolf, is one of my top favorite rap artists ever, and with good reason. His lyrical style and rapping style is completely unique in the world. The only other artist I know of, that share a similar style is Rittz, which is a close friend of his. I'm guessing they've been making music together for many years, and has shared many of the same inspirational sources and outlooks.

Yelawolf is also doing something that no artist has managed to do before him(in my opinion of course): He's found a way to combine country music and hip-hop.

And it sounds amazing!

What this songs means to me

First of all I think it's a both musical and lyrical masterpiece. It's also a strong reminder to not be naive and let people take advantage of you. Especially at work, perhaps, where I tend to pick up the slack/pieces wherever others drop the ball, even when they come to me and asking me to do it for them, lying about it being their fault (I always know).

And I'always tended to say yes too quickly...

Simply put, I think the song's message is not be too nice. When you're helping others to the extent that you're hurting yourself, you're helping them way too much!

It's better that they fall and possibly learn something, rather them becoming dependent on you being there for them.

Presenting Till It's Gone by Yelawolf

Reading the lyrics while listening is recommended

1st verse
I'm not the table you can come and
lay your cup down on, now
I'm not the shoulder for a bag
The one to carry your heavy load
I'm not the road that you take
when you're looking for a shortcut, uh
I ain't the steppin' stone to be steppin' on
I ain't nobody's crutch
I ain't the money man, with your money, man
You ain't lookin' at me
I'm not the cheap one, lookin' at me son
You ain't lookin' at free
I ain't the dishrag to come clean up
all the shit that you dish out
Ain't got no check for em
If you checkin' in, muthafucka check this out

Ain't much you can do, but I do what I can
But I'm not a fool, there's no need to pretend
And just because you got yourself in some shit
It doesn't mean I have to come deal with it
You handle your own when you become a man
And become a man when you handle your own
Ain't much you can do, but I do what I can
But what can I do if I do 'till it's gone?

2nd verse
I'm not the trashcan, not the last man
at the finish line, now
I'm not the new kid on the block
that you can just follow and push around
I'm not the fucking needle in the haystack
that you finally found
This ain't no free rent, come and pitch a tent
You ain't tying me down
I'm not a bus ride you can hop inside
and just roll away clean
Not the wheel on the wagon you wanna break
cause I hold up the weight for the team
I'm not the gold watch and the new truck
that you're scheming to check out
Unless you lookin' to check out
What a mess now

3rd verse
I jump to the sky for my people
I walk through the fire
I give love when it's equal
Don't tell me not to complain
about my money and fame
when you come around me,
tellin' me I changed
Damn right, I fucking changed
When this fucking change
in my pocket hit the bucket
It was all rocking all the sudden
I went from shoppin' without nothin'
To going shoppin' for my cousins
And now that the cops know that I'm buzzing
They wanna drop me in the oven
Pull me over just to say "I'm a fan"
Hip-Hop - gotta love it, but fuck it


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I will have to give this a listen tomorrow while I do some blogging, have never heard of him before.
I always like listening to new stuff :)
Thanks for sharing


Nice! Hope you like it. Edit: Added some additional song recommendations if you like what you hear.


I like it, really good song :)
Thanks for adding the recommendations will check em out


I'm very happy to hear that! There is more to come for sure. And thanks for your resteem. It means a lot.


Cool looking forward to more posts :)
No worries happy to help you out, and thank you for all your support

Thank you for sharing the song, the text and your thoughts about it. I believe we all - young or old, can learn something from this powerful text. I haven't heard of the artist before, but I always try to be open to new artists and ideas. Do I recognize Everglades in the beginning of the video?


New input is always good :) Glad you liked it. According to wikipedia, the video was shot close to New Orleans, but I see the resemblance to the Everglades.

Ahhh, it's scary when 2010 is considered a classic. Cool concept, but my classics might be oldies compared to you!

Before this, I'd only heard Yelawolf in his Slaughterhouse cypher.


He he. Remember that these are personal preferences that are completely subjective, and age doesn't matter - A classic is a classic in my opinion, old or new. I listen to a lot of old music myself (like last weeks feature), and I'm certainly interested to hear more about your oldies.

Yeah, he appears to have gone under the radar for the most part. Although I don't quite understand it, considering his skill.