Calling All The Steemian Musicians! (and friends of) I need some hot fresh Steem Music!

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My name is James, and I'm a DJ from AL. I love this community that's being built here on the block chain, and need helping finding all our original artists here in our community :). As a DJ, obviously one of my favorite things is the curation of music! I have stumbled across @steemsongs by @thisisbenbrick and @dsound by @prc. Both of which are absolutely awesome and I'm very excited to support them and the musicians that create their own music! I am a musician myslef, just haven't gotten out there to producing my own stuff. I know I should, and I will, but I will always love curating others art and spinnin' tunes (which bridges many genres, don't be shy). So, I'm reaching out for help. Pulling in as much block chain music as possible to my crates! I will be out and about searching myself, so don't be shy to DM or tag me in comments or blogs. Share with your musician friends, leave links below, resteem if you are so moved (I humbly thank you!), upvote (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU), or any other method you are inspired to help me out with just a quick click or more (if willing), follow for the results. I thank you very much for any and all of your assistance in this project. I promise this will be very beneficial for all our musicians through the exposure of all the projects I work on, or music I talk about. Feel free to start a conversation or ask anything in the comments below, much love and keep on


Jazz|Chill|Acid Jazz|Future Bass|Downtempo|Jam|Electronic Dance|Deep House|Trap|Dubstep|Rock|Metal|Classical|Hip Hop|Rap|Ska|Funk|Weird Bass|Experimental|Soul|Punk|Big Band|Breakbeat|Disco|Mash Up|Remix
and more...


Cool man, this was my first d.sound release. Keep an eye out for more in the near future.

Very cool! Thank you very much. Interested in giving me permission to broadcast for an internet radio show for the Minnow Support Project?

Yes of course. Let me know when and where so I can check it out. Thank you for considering it.

For sure! Very welcome.

Sounds like an awesome thing! Would love to participate. I just resteemed this and followed you.

Thank you so much brother! Much love

great initiative, happy to help!

Clic the pirate ship image for 18 recent electronic tracks playlist
the download link is dead but the music is there...

Very cool, and thank you!! Is there any way I could get the download link? Are they your originals?
EDIT: Obviously, post says "your album" lol

I have 2 failrly recent live sets on my blog as well as remides I did and dj mixes feel free to checj them out. If you find sonhs you like let ke know. Drop your email in fhe cokmenfs i inow what to do.

Very cool. Will totally check it out! Love a good mix to ride around or clean house with.

My SoundCloud is:

Cheers! I also post some music on YouTube.

Thank you so much! Would you be interested in giving me permission to play in on an internet radio show?

Awesome! I'm always trying to encourage more art being created, especially on steemit - I'll help spread the word :D

You are awesome! Me Too.

I will be interested to see what you come up with.

One small tip. Try splitting your text into paragraphs - it will make it easier to read.

Thank you. Cheers mate! Stay tuned for the results. :)

Nice Idea. I have some stuff. more on other platforms thou as I start out here. Want Links?

Would love links!!! Thank you so much for reaching out. You are the man! Look forward to hearing some tunes. Would you be interested in giving me permission to broadcast on a radio spot, here, for the Steemit community?

sure. Take a look at and choose which Songs you would like.
I'll send you links to the files then :D

Perfect! Thank you very much.

Right on. I am a metal musician. In the process of chronicling the recording of my bands new album.

Very very cool! I will have to follow so I can hear it unfold. Thank you for introducing yourself!

Hey dude! Have you heard of #openmic, if not you should check out the music there! An awesome dude @lk666 also started a horns up saloon so that'll be jumpin' with music soon! I'm the lead singer of a band called Sacrifice The Truth and posted a video below. I'm also friends with a bunch of musicians like @jessamynorchard, @melodyrussell, @johnbutler and many more! And there is a range of music from metal to punk to indie! So we're a festive bunch! Haha! Can't wait to hear yours!

There's also a chat room on Discord for Steemit musicians if you'd like to join!

Very very cool! Yes ma'am I recognize you :) I have heard of the #openmic stuff, but, with all due respect, I'm in need of mastered productions (preferably published on the #steem blockchain, but not a requirement as we build :) There are a lot of incoming artists that have music on other platforms, but by all means, are now Steemit Musicians. I want to do a live mix set, which I know may seem like a stretch, but with my near decade of experience, I think I got this :) Will be super awesome to incorporate non-dance music into the sets as well! Blend cultures, break barriers, create a melting pot following, and "breaking the stigma," as my friend always says (and show off the mix skills a little :) Thank you for all of this interaction, introduction, sharing, and inviting! :)

Nice!!! Sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to hear it! And I definitely think it's possible! ;) Good luck!

:) Thank you ma'am. I'll be seeing you around the #music Society #discord server!

this is very informative post.. thanks for sharing

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Hello @mental-extract I'd love to invite you to my discord we are working with Five Star entertainment on rounding up some awesome musicians on SteemIt let me know if you would be interested!

I would very much appreciate some artist contacts so I could get their music on a radio mix set.

Hey found you from our Group on FB. I am an admin for Synthesizers and Drum Machines. Todd did a call out post to hook up on here so I am now following you, please return favor and good luck on here!!!

Done! That's awesome, thank you so much for following up. You have some original music posted to the block chain yet, or some where else on the internet I could find?

Hey man thanks for the reach out post this is my soundcloud and playlist of songs that will be going msp waves radio.

Really? During which show? Time? Or in their back catalogue? Thank you for responding to said post.

In their back catalogue. You free to use any songs on my soundcloud just let me know which ones ya dig

Of course! Thank you!!

Do you have individual production tracks? Something I could maybe use for a radio broadcast?

Sure - I mostly produce house, electronica and hip hop, anything in particular? Or I can give you individual tracks from this album, but it kind of works as one piece..

Of course, I understand that. Any or all of it, please.