It feels horrible when you hear this about MJ

in #music4 years ago

I love Michael Jackson I do. Sometimes I sit and watch his videos and get inspired though am a terrible singer and I know but my happiness comes also from his videos and songs.

It's quite funny that nowadays our music fades in just a month after release but Michael songs hit you differently and moves different parts of your body when you listen to him sing.

How true is all this allegations against the pop star.

I am sometimes broken into pieces when I watch documentaries or plays about the life of Michael involving kids. Today I spent some time streaming this video. It feels bad to be honest.

It feels bad! Sometimes I wish they can just come out and say it's a big lie and nothing really happened like that.

In your opinion, do you think there's any truth involved in this?
Do you love him even though you feel it's true?
Do you think we should continue talking about MJ even though his dead?
Are you a fan of MJ?


Well it's all about exposure. If they had to wait for him to die before speaking up then all they want is to be heard and we've heard them. There's nothing you can do at this point, it's just to learn from their tales cause u can't sue the guy or purnish him. You also can't ruin his reputation with stuff like this cause people can do anything for money and the guy is not there to speak his mind so to me it's a one sided accusation. The point is that we've heard them.

Mehn this video is kinda good, well edited and scripted. I never really got to know how he died except for now. He died on overdose of prescription drugs. Sounds like suicide to me.

I don't really know MJ that well. I don't know his character or his personality. I connect with MJ on an emotional level through his songs. I Love MJ and will always do. I don't have anything with his person. I love him for his Creativity and works.

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