Strat Re-Build Project

in music •  last year

Just bought this beat up, but beautiful Strat (with a Fender hard case too). The price was too good to pass up.

It plays really nice-I was not able to get a video up of it. Look for one tomorrow. It has a Duncan Designed Invader Type pickup, which has got to go 😊That's probably the last pickup I would choose for this guitar.

I'm thinking about this one again:

Here is what usually happens to my strats:

  • Change Pickups if need be-sometimes stock pickups just work
  • Treble roll off on the volume pot-so I don't loose treble when I roll back the volume
  • Coil Tap-if I have a rear humbucker
  • Strap locks- you don't wanna find out the hard way why you need these 😊
  • Locking Tuners- "if" I'm going to gig with it
  • Copper Sheilding on pick guard and inside cavity

This guitar already feels good to play, so it's not really that far off.

If any of you have a favorite Strat pickup, please leave me a comment. I'm always open to try new stuff. Thanks everyone! ✌🏾

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This looks like a fun project. I bought a Fender Precision bass from someone on Craigslist last year, swapped the pickups, and lined the electronics cavity with copper tape. It made a huge difference, so I'm sure you'll enjoy playing the guitar even more when you're done. There's just something about playing an instrument that you've done work on. Can't wait to hear this when you're done. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks!! I will post when it's all finished.

@melbookermusic have a nice day. fantastic thanks for share. if you never share i can't see the greatest place awesome thing


Thank you!! 🙏🏾

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Thanks!!! I will. I didn't realize it only takes MP4.

Nice pick up and nice pickups! lol