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Khruangbin is a group that I see making waves in the years to come. They're a Texan Trio that have been around for a few years now but I foresee them catching fire this year with the upcoming release of their album Con Todo El Mondo. I discovered them after I wrapped up my shift with Lyft and turned on the best (and only) radio station I listen to in Los Angeles, KCRW.

What pulled me into this song in terms of sonics was the trip hop sounding beat combined with the amazing Middle Eastern guitar work by Mark Speer. I'm excited to see to what eclectic sound this band brings us in 2018. They're currently on tour in England, so if you enjoy this and you're in that area check them out and report back to me ;)

(From Left) Mark Speer, Laura Lee, Donald Johnson
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I just watched the music video for the first time recently and I'm a fan of how they portrayed the music. The video showcases old clips of women in Iranian media before the revolution of 1979. It looks like archival footage of variety shows and the equivalent of what MTV Iran would be. Growing up in the American media landscape we don't ever see images of this period of Iran. I personally didn't even know this pre-1979 world in Iran existed until within the last year or so, so seeing old stock footage was enlightening!

Given the Middle eastern theme of the song I'm glad the music video decided to coincide with the subject matter. I always get slightly confused when music videos have nothing to do with the song. Yea sometimes it's an interesting combination but I get joy out of the simple pleasure of consistency with my videos and music.

Song is below, I hope you guys vibe with it!

Is there anyone who is knowledgeable in Middle Eastern Music or knows songs that sound like this? Please share!

Khruangbin - Maria También

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This was jamming bro, crazy blend and so sick. I know a few artists that make funky jams like this when I used to live in Israel. Do you know Honoka and Azita? Not the same vein but still so damn good..

Noooo I haven't heard of them but that was fuckin dope! It reminded me of some Legend of Zelda Windwaker jams