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These words inspired the writing of this great song:

"One of the wealthiest parts of earth is the cemetery. Buried in the cemetery are books never written, music we never heard of, paintings no one has ever saw, businesses that never opened, inventions we never used. I want you to leave (this world) empty, with nothing else left to do because you’ve poured out all of your dreams, ideas, visions books, music, inventions, publications. Leave (this world) empty” - Late Dr. Myles Monroe.

  • Category - Music Single
  • Song - Fulfilled
  • Artist - Marpe
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  • Audio Produced by - SpiritualBeatz
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Chant: Fulfilled fulfilled ful-fulfilled fulfilled 4x

Verse 1: Every race I'm meant to run Every life I'm meant to touch Every soul that's to be won (oh Lord) Let it be done Lord Every seed I'm meant to sow Every place I'm meant to go Everyone's supposed to know (yeah) Let it be done Lord

Chorus: Gon' live my life fulfilled 3x I'll be fulfilled

Verse 2: In every song that I write Let your name be glorified And every heart be purified (oh Lord) Let it be done Lord Gon' spend my life living, to the glory of your name So when all is said and done It shall be done Lord

Repeat Chorus

Chant: Ile ile ile ile ile ile ile ile eeeeh 4x

Music (trumpet/guitar) interlude

Gonna be raptured fulfilled 3x I'll be fulfilled

Fulfilled is a highly recommended sound that has graced the lips of tens of thousands of people around the globe garnering over 21,000 downloads. The testimonies of restoration, hope, sobriety, conviction, and purpose recorded since its release has been mind blowing

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