14. It's In Your Head, Zom-bay, Zom-bay, Zom-bay-ay-ay-ay-oh-oh: 3 August 2018

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I'm starting a new experiment. I don't know if this is something that is common with everyone or not, but I seemingly wake up with a song already in my head every single morning. There is often no reason why it should be there. I hadn't heard it in the previous day, hadn't discussed it, nothing.


Richard Edwards - Gene

I've been listening to this guy's songs for a very long time at this point. My brother Nick introduced me to Richard's old band, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's about 10 years ago probably.

Also, no, I didn't just wake up. :)

Do you wake up with songs in your head on a regular basis? What song was in your head this morning? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


#ArtistSong TitleDate
1Auli'i CravalhoHow Far I'll Go20 July 2018
2Huey Lewis and the NewsThe Power of Love21 July 2018
3MetallicaSad But True22 July 2018
4MetallicaNothing Else Matters23 July 2018
5MetallicaWherever I May Roam24 July 2018
6the pAper chAseI Did a Terrible Thing26 July 2018
7MetallicaSad But True (Repeat)27 July 2018
8LimbeckHonk + Wave28 July 2018
9AC/DCBack in Black29 July 2018
10Patsy ClineBack in Baby's Arms30 July 2018
11The HeligoatsFlorida Panther31 July 2018
12Patsy ClineWalkin' After Midnight1 August 2018
13Lord HuronUntil the Night Turns2 August 2018
14Richard EdwardsGene3 August 2018


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Such a mello song. I like it. Thanks for sharing it.

superb song @marksheppard

Today I remembered you I woke up with a song in my head repeated while showering but I do not remember

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