Jam #55 Phat Bubbles - Music Made For Steem

in music •  27 days ago  (edited)

Jam #55 Phat Bubbles - Music Made For Steem

I'm back with a cool new jam featuring the Roland GR-33B, my Tele, drums, keys and a little improvisation. I did forget to turn the light on me ;-)

One track is decidedly reggae-ish. And the whole thing is based around a little fatter chord density, one a 13, one a #9 and one a minor 6th. I like this jam a lot and it was fun once I got started.

I am still having to edit freezes in the recording software and in this one I did NOT have a pick, can you believe it? :-) I had to go downstairs and sneak in to the bedroom and back to the closet in my other pants :-) so I edited that out and we're still at 45:41. I love taking my time and Not being hurried. Hope you enjoy too.

I dedicate this to my deepest intentions of my heart and it's synchronicity in life's play.


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I see an expert here, talking about those notes, something on 6th and then 9th. Science of music, I dont know anything about it, but the whole thing sounds good. Thanks for sharing with us. :)


hey thanks for listening and the compliment. Your voicing it helps with the inspiration! Stay tuned!

Hi @markaustin,
I like that you posted your jam session here :) Not really my music but still I enjoyed watching it a bit. I see that you had fun and thats all that matters :)
Did you play in a band?


pro musician 40+ years still playing in bands :-) Tribute Kings at Downstream Casino in Joplin MO/Quapaw OK this weekend. Thanks for listening and voicing. Glad you enjoyed it.

Hey @markaustin, we meet again, nice to see you. looks like curie brings us together very often and I'm glad to see you getting their appreciation. You have another great video here that I love because of the music and because you're the only one in it, playing every instrument, which is very cool. Great job!
Have a nice weekend and keep up the good work!


hey @erikah !!!! Nice to see YOU!! Thanks for chiming in. I took a quick look at your last post. We've been getting a lot of rain too. I am also in the process of resetting up my greenhouse aquaponics system although it's a slow process. Thanks for the compliment and hope to see you soon, Mark


My pleasure and good luck with the garden. It's not easy but we always manage to get the work done, right?


hey thanks, yeah right :-) have to... With aquaponics, when it's up it's either running or not. And it has to run or the fish will die so yes no tolerance there :-)

Hi markaustin,

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