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in music •  2 months ago

Jam #35 Music Made For Steemit

Started with a groove in mind. Then I decided to play in Bb for a change :-)

I've been leaning on the funky side lately because of having the fretted jazz on the stand. This is also on the funky side. It has solos on guitar, keys and bass and comes in at 24:38 at a tempo of 102ish. Get ready to jam!


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Hello, @markaustin. I’ve got a blog about jazz music which may interest you. If you want, you’re welcome to visit it: https://steemit.com/@fjcalduch
Have a nice day 😊


hey Thank You!!! I checked out your page. Too cool!! I also enjoyed your introduction. Feel free to re-steem anything I do. all is well, Mark

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thanks stimp1024 your awesome bro!