Jam #23 - Music Made for Steem

in music •  2 months ago 

Jam #23 - Music Made for Steem

So this is a re-post from 6 months ago. That's a cool thing about music, it plays back again :-) And that's what my posts are about, the music. Enjoy!

messin' around and warming up jam

Often I use these jams to just play a little, to experiment, hear what different sounds or scales might sound like, how different guitars sound etc...

I over-compensated a little on the level of the lead on this one. Last time it was buried and it's in our face on this one. I also discovered the treble on the channel up, a no no for a strat bc it's already trebley. It's better toward the end of the track :-)

This one is over 20 minutes and features solos on guitar, keys and fretless bass. Enjoy, Mark

Dedicated to peace and prosperity for all, Mark

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