Jam #16 - Music Made for Steem

in music •  2 months ago 

Jam #16 - Music Made for Steem

This is a nice jam. The Strat is played through a Bugara. I'm playing my fretless PJ Fender bass. It features solos on guitar, keys and bass and comes in a 25 minutes long. I love the contrast between tracks as one is half time, one is a shuffle and one is straight.

Lite up or pour one and relax and enjoy or play in the background while cooking, cleaning whatever.

I dedicate this to my deepest intentions of my heart and it's synchronicity in life's play.


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I am amazed at how you put that together so seemingly effortlessly. I wish I had a studio and someone to teach me all those things! In the meantime, I'll just enjoy listening to you!



please do enjoy listening to me :-) Thank you so much. It only took me 40 years to do it :-) And I do teach. I'm so glad you like it. I'm not sure how many hours I have uploaded so far but probably close to 40 hours and I'm just getting started :-) My later tracks are in stereo as well. Thanks for voicing! Listen and enjoy. Until the next jam, Mark


Very cool! 40 years of training for one effortless performance. Well played, sir!


#powerhousecreatives Wow, thank you! stay tuned, I have much more where that came from :-)