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RE: Jam #58 (chill rock) Music on Steem

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Welcome jam for fun"
Thank you for showing your intimacies. Hahaha
They are great, man!
I think it's the first time I've heard 35 minutes of this music for pure pleasure.
It really is a step through changes and stages of music and life.
By the way, I subscribed to your YouTube channel.
I had a personal experience when I put two videos at the same time as your interview on November 2, 2006 and this.
No distortion A good combination for me.
That is play!
As always thanks Curie for a good selection.


@marita thank you so much! You said, "personal experience"... It's so nice when someone engages, magic happens! "Showing your intimacies" I love it!! If you've subscribed to my youtube you've found the live stream playlist then. I must have 40 hours or so and I hope you enjoy more. Thanks so much for voicing! All my best, Mark