Music from the Hills

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Silkroute - Morni

This is a video I recorded when I was home for a while. I think this was around 2 years back. I come from a small town in the hills called Mandi. It's a beautiful valley up there in the mountains.

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The song is called Morni and is played in 7/8.
I've been listening to it since I was a small kid and have always been fascinated by the story it tells. The whole song is about a conversation between a mother and her daughter somewhere in the old hills. It talks of the innocent little girl who is concerned about a peacock (morni) who lives on the opposite hill and keeps singing, and the girl begs her mother not to kill it because she wants to capture it and keep it in a cage.
Towards the end, the girl asks about the Moon, the stars and the people who are close to her heart, and the mother answers beautifully by saying that the Moon and the stars, they all go away and hide somewhere but the people who she holds close and who love her back never go away, and they'll always be there.
It's nice  to have all the birds in the background sing along with me. :)



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Please make an effort and add this to #steemradio-world! That would be awesome! Good luck!

Thank you.
It's up there now. :)

Wonderful! Thank you!

What is steemradio though?

Why would you want to leave? I love it there...the beauty reminds me of Colombia. Man those birds are noisy...LOL. Great guitar playing and singing.

Yes, even I love it there.. But you know, the heart and mind want to wander.. And that's home and will always be there. :)
Yeah.. the birds like to sing loud there.
Thanks man. I'll upload some more soon.
See you around.

Great stuff - it ain't easy to play a song in that time signature and make it sound so sweet! (Actually, it ain't easy to play a song in that time signature at all!) Also what a beautiful location to play your music!

Thanks man. I love 7/4. A lot of folk traditional tunes from this part of the world are in 7.
And yeah.. the location is a great inspiration to create some good music. :)

nice job~ followed u as well~ look forward ur following as well, pls

Thank you.
I sure will follow you back when you start putting out some good content.

Nice music and fantastic atmosphere there. It seems the birds want to take part in the song. :)

Thank you man.. Yeah the atmosphere out there is just out of this world.
The birds are crazy. My father feeds them everyday. We get hundreds of parrots, pigeons, sparrows and some others. It's like we have a big bird family. :)

Watched the video clip.
I appreciate your voice brother.
Followed successfully
Please follow me back.

Thanks bro.
I will check out your stuff as well. :)

i think he send an important message for us...

Hey bro, sorry didn't understand what you're trying to say.

he has a got a good words my freind

pleas i need your vote

Thank you. Sure I will check out your blog. :)

thanks my friend

This is beautiful , nice place and nice song , thanks for sharing !

Thank you sir.
Will share some more soon. :)

my pleasure @makshay5 , Wish you the bests.

To you too!

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