“Suspicious Minds,” covered by Elvis Presley … (Rock / Pop – Music to Your Ears, Covers–8)

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Elvis transformed it into one of the greatest songs of all time.

Elvis Presley – “Suspicious Minds”

Suspicious Minds (1969 – original from 1968)

This classic song was written by Mark James. His 1968 recording of it was a commercial failure. The following year, however, the Elvis version became a Number 1 hit (the final Number 1 of his career).  

Elvis’ version relied on a similar arrangement to that of the James original, but Elvis gave the lyrics a much more dynamic punch. While the video is excessively flashy, the suspicious-looking silhouettes and shadows provide fitting images and some interesting scenery.  

Scarred but Starred 

This recording is marred by a bizarre fade-out / fade-in, which a sub-producer had inserted near the song’s halfway point (at 2:15 of this video). The producer called that brief portion a “scar,”  noting that the sub-producer had “messed it up.”   

Regardless of the various merits and drawbacks, Elvis transformed this mediocre song into one of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”  – in fact, it ranks as high as Number 92 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list. It remains one of Elvis’s signature songs.   (Image source)

Elvis Presley

As the Forgotten Rebels sang, “Elvis is dead.”  

But, as Mojo Nixon sang, “Elvis is everywhere.”    Nuff said.

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much baby

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?

We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds

So, if an old friend I know
Drops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

Here we go again
Asking where I've been
You can't see these tears are real
I'm crying

We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds

Oh let our love survive
Or dry the tears from your eyes
Let's don't let a good thing die

When honey, you know
I've never lied to you
Mmm yeah, yeah
  (Image source)

        Mark James – “Suspicious Minds”    
          (Right-click to hear on YouTube)

Lyrics by Mark James, courtesy of – AZLyrics.com
Reference – Wikipedia
Reference – Wikipedia
Reference – YouTube.com

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I love the old Elvis songs, look up Lawdy Ms Clawdy live by Elvis, it's amazing!

Wow, I just found it, and it's playing now. Elvis really rocks on that one. Thanks for informing me, as I'd never heard it before.

very nice! I love this song too!!!

Ya, I was never a big Elvis fan (I'm not THAT old yet!!!!!), but this song is a masterpiece.

Nice lyrics...
Elvis Presley's is way better as it gives the song more 'liveliness' unlike the original version.

Indeed. And if we look at the history of pop music, we see that Elvis brought more "liveliness" to the entire field of pop / rock music.

Hi @majes.tytyty

I believe and I am very sure that the name of the King can never be dethroned.

Excellent musical choice.

Greetings friend.

Ya, Elvis Rules, and Elvis is Everywhere. :-)

It's like.. second? Elvis song I heard!
And it is so Beatiful! Thank u!

You're welcome. You'll hear more of Elvis, and more fine music from other great musicians, too. I hope you enjoy it all!!!!

Hi @majes.tytyty. Happy June! I am letting you know I just paid my leases. I am so grateful to you for all your support. I see you are still killing it over here.

I'm making plans for STEEMfest in November now. Will you be going? Say Yes!

Hi FnF. I'm glad to hear that things are going well. Nobody should ever have to worry (too much) about paying rent or leases or buying food or such.

Since I pretty much stay in my shell, I've not even heard of SteemFest this November. Where is it?

It's unlikely that I'll go, since I'm still living on savings and not withdrawing any Steem. But if the price surpasses $5, I might consider cashing out a bit and taking a vacation.


It's is BANGKOK!!!! I am writing roadtosteemfest posts at least weekly and will give you the links for them as they go up.

I'm pretty sure you can have no excuse to miss this @majes.tytyty lol.

Hmmm, Bangkok. That's just down the river from here. Or down the road.
I just might be able to make it there.

Looking forward to your new posts. I hope I catch all the links.

wow beautiful...

Amr o chay

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