"Have some Rice" he said, on another day.

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As I announced earlier I released RICE, the first half of my mixtape some time last month. RICE is the first body of work I have dropped as an artiste and I would really love for people to get to listen to it. Here's a short description of each song, I have placed a link to the tape below it, listen to the ones that pique your interest.


A guy finds himself falling in love with a girl before he realized he was ready for love, he toys around with the idea but doubts himself. He was supposed to be a player where did love come from?

Soon he finds himself at a bridge he had known he would have to cross but didn’t expect to be that hard to. His career takes him away from his lover and he considers not letting go, hence the question: love or money?

He comes back not long after and finds that she has moved on, he doubts her love was ever authentic.

The Times

A man wakes up in his 30s and seeks a wife, he goes after a young gal who he hopes will obey and care for him as his mother did his father. But she isn’t like his mother.

I ponder the current state of affairs, gays want rights, women want equality, pastors getting rich as funk, civil service is trash, customer service is trash, infact every service is trash. Politicians get fatter we get slimmer, don’t trust anyone, and nobody wants to ‘come and die’ , so if you want to fight you’re on your own.

Best leave the country for greener pastures while you can.

Owo (The Hustler’s Anthem)

This song is about the struggle I have chasing a dream. The Man is chasing me but I’m broke and may have to turn to him. There have been conversations about what we could do for money, if the price is high enough (usually traces back to some tweet or IG post about a similar thing).

Of course I remembered the handicap being broke gives you with the ladies, it was duly highlighted (Sumonu’s pain).

Pretty Little Window Bird

A prisoner of thought and will finds a pretty bird visits his window every day. He yearns for freedom and envies the bird. Soon he begins to seek a path to freedom from and begs the bird to help him fly.

Thoughts and Contemplations

This came from a place of seeking balance, the world is not black and white, gray areas exist. So this song is about dealing with the search for a balance within half-truths and propaganda. The conflict in religion is realized and a great wave of ignorance is felt.

A challenge is labeled at those who claim enlightenment of any sort (and think it as their God given privilege to judge others) to come out boldly and answer all questions without vague ambiguities and faith driven assumptions.

Young Man Floats

Of a young man (duh) who invites us on a stroll through some sections of his thoughts. He feels lonely on his journey to somewhere better and has given all his love to his craft.

In his own world he seeks his own things, his own answers and his own laughs.

And if you wish to listen to the whole tape as a playlist just start out below. Go on, have some RICE, you know you want to.


I love your rap man. This is good stuff. You tell good story with them verses. Conditional and The Times was really great. You've got something here.
I like the jazzy feel and the way your voice slur, men... I feel you.

You should get on PAL server and hang with the musicians there. You can check @isaria's blog to get the discord server link, if you want. #bigwaves.

I suggest you also upload these sounds on dsound too. Great work.

Glad you like it man, thanks for the comment.

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