Get to know my city - Ptuj, Slovenija. In old Roman days it used to be called Poetovio.

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My home, a small city in the East of Slovenija has a tradition with a strong connection to Austria. Well, at least that's how it's been throughout the past 100 years, our country has strongly been connected to the Austria/Hungary empire, and also indirectly to Germany.

One of the mutual traditions is the 3-chord accordion kids are playing on this picture


This one costs around 5000 euro

Ofcourse traditions change, more or less, depending on the country, but since I was born into this tradition,
this 3 chord accordion music is what I identify my country with.

People will usually say this accordion is hard to play, or harder to learn in comparison to the more worldwide known piano accordion.


So is it really harder to learn the so called "FREITONARCA"?
In my opinion it's not really harder, just different. I always wanted to have it, but sadly, I could never afford it, since even a used one would cost me more than 1000 eu, where the "plain" used piano accordion costs 10 times less.

I can play the piano accordion, and I've tried playing Freitonarca(3chord accordion), and in direct comparison to it, I would say that with the piano accordion, your fingers need to be stretched a lot more to play the same tone/tune as on the Freitonarca.

There's a big misconception about these two similar instruments in Slovenija, maybe there's one in other countries too.
SOURCE: Facebook Page Ptuj Skozi Zgodovino

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