Your "sound library" (or method for keeping sounds) tells a lot about your goals

in #music4 years ago (edited)

I often hear and see people talking about sample libraries, as if it was really the biggest issue in music production. To be honest I'm the least organized person, in any type of context, whether it's for clothes, for sleeping patterns, for eating patterns, and I could go on and on. Even for writing things like this article or post, or call it whatever the fuck you want. I'm always looking for total efficiency, and if that isn't the case at one given moment, it just pisses me off. I'm basically the type of person who would put the same types of clothes every single day until it needs to get washed before changing it, simply because I don't want to see myself lose time because of some useless reflection, thinking linked with "what I'm going to wear". My main goal is far, far more important than those details.

As for sample libraries: if you want my opinion (you should still do it your own way, that is to say, the way that makes you gain the biggest amount of time, don't take any advice for granted, that's what I do, I'm just telling you my own truth), just build them when you have nothing else to do or when you feel you're running out of creativity. It shouldn't take too much importance, take the example of people who want to write a bestseller and first want to recreate the dictionary. Total nonsense isn't it ? So why would you take so much time to build a sample library of sounds you probably will never use ?

Just put in the sounds you worked on and chose with your own quality and style that only fits you, cause at the end of the day, you don't want to lose time focusing on samples everyone uses. That's another important aspect of keeping sounds: only keep the sounds you really want to use later. It's totally useless and time-wasting to keep a lot of sounds "you might want to use later on"; my method is simple: I choose the sounds when I need them: that is to say, when I do a track, no matter where they are, that's why I'm against that "sample library" idea; cause you can always broaden this type of thing, it shouldn't be at 1 single place, my "sound library" is more complex than that: it is in any track I listen to, in any noise I hear on any type of video, that I sample and then I analyze and rework in my own way to be something that is unique; this is my way of dealing with that matter. As I said in the title: the sound library you have (or don't have) tells a lot about your goals and methods linked with where you want to be in the mean-term and long-term.


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