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I'm still working on my own music for now, I don't have anything "finished" to post, but I have more views from my mind to share as to how I see the music industry in general, so that you can all have a bigger picture of it, especially those who are too naive about it, thinking it all works very easily and only by "passion" and "dedication". You must act in a "badass" way as well, even more than in other industries. These tips will help you once you have a solid musical work to back you (which is fundamental as well, just as important).


Like any other industry, anything that calls itself "industry" is dominated by greediness and other types of ideas like that; just an observation, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to push those fucking doors open, but the best way to adapt is to be worse than the cunts on your way especially if they have already all they need (in the music industry or wherever the fuck else): there may be laws and laws and shocked people, but the truth of the story is, any industry's main ways of thinking and logic work no different than drug dealers' willing to make their audience get overdose.

This is the real "fairytale" you have; some people inside the industries have already said it before, the truth has to be spoken at times and I'm only on that fucking platform for that; this kind of truth will help more people infiltrate those shitty industries and fuck them up like they deserve, or just do their own shit inside it, whatever the fuck, you can't neglect that aspect so stop being naive and act with more pragmatism, taking more into account the fucked context of the modern era logic, once you understand the way those fucking wolves think and the way their fucked system works, it's already 75% of the work done.


Here is your fake "fairytale"'s true colors: any type of reflection or intention you have leads you to that reality: that fucked wolf logic of being the dealer or the junkie in the fucking story; any industry is full of dealers who want to get anyone overdosed; "choose your side" I guess; but I'm certainly not choosing the "pigeon" side; life is a constant test against your own limits to see if you have enough will to fuck up the fake shit on your way to some state where you can say "there's no fake fucker above me that can try to give me lessons"; and even there the motivation should keep on being the same.

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