Thoughts about success in the music industry in general

in #music4 years ago (edited)

It's not a coincidence for successful people to reach that point in the music industry, it was pure planning linked with market study and reverse-engineering of success itself; if you're following that type of path, you always end up having that reflection with yourself realizing every single track you produce shouldn't be done only because of "fun"; there should be more than that behind every choice if you're planning more than that.

That's why looking at the fucking context and what a big amount of people enjoy hearing (not necessarily all) shouldn't be neglected; believing Avicii rose to stardom because his music "happened" to be liked by many is as naive and fake as believing in SantafuckingClaus (sorry to destroy your fairytale visions, life is not full of fairytales: see the man who rose him to stardom is the same one who sent him to hell in a way).

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