The music industry is something fake that needs to be changed globally

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Here is a little part of a book I was reading, I want to share it here as it tells a lot about how any type of industry has become something fake (music industry as well); still the "true" people have to find their own way inside that whole bullshit of course;

" As record companies and artists continue to tighten the laws on copyright, our musical palette is becoming more and more limited, and experimental music born from utilizing past samples is being replaced with ‘popcorn’ music in order to ensure that the monies returned are enough to cover the original fee for using a sample.

Whereas scientists are free to build upon past work without having to pay their peers and film directors are free to copy the past, disgracefully music no longer exhibits that same flexibility. With the current copyright laws, musicians can no longer appropriate from the past without a vast amount of paperwork, a good solicitor, a large wallet and an understanding record company.

Record companies anxiously await the next ‘big thing ’ and voice concerns over the lack of new musical ideas and genres. Yet, in the same breath they are – perhaps unintentionally – industriously locking down culture and placing countless limitations on our very creativity. The musical freedom that our predecessors experienced and built upon has all but vanished. Without the freedom to borrow and develop on the past, creativity is stifl ed and with that our culture can only slow to a grinding pace. To quote Laurence Leesig: ‘A society free to borrow and build upon the past is culturally richer than a controlled one ’. "

(Rick Snoman, Dance Music Manual)

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