The importance of doing with what you have

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This article is more general and linked with a recurring issue I witnessed in the music production world. Too many people keep asking "which is the best VST, DAW, piano roll, synth, etc" while they should instead develop their skills and find their true identity. Fakeness is intoxicating this industry, like any type of industry in the world. That's why the music world in general, especially in the field of EDM, is totally lacking creativity right now. Because most people are there for the fame and success but don't want to pay the price for it.

They think it's easier with internet now but you'll be judged the same way whatever you do, no matter how many requests you keep sending to your favorite labels. Only because you're shit, and your music is SHIT. As simple as that, don't worry, I've made my own self-criticism as well. I believed it was easier to breakthrough this industry at a time. Now I fully know the amount of things I have to do to go there. And anyone should do the same.

Stop asking yourself "which person should I contact" or "which tool should I get to be the musician I want" but instead perfect your skills so that people won't be afraid to hear what you do: the time you lose on fake shit can be invested into producing instead, never forget that. The only way to true success is practicing day in/day out. Never underestimate that practicing time. That's mainly why true success and fame is not for anyone and very few end up reaching it: if you want to end up living the life 1% of people live, you have to be ready to do things 1% of people are ready to do. As simple as that. So stop moaning about the VST/plugin/thing you couldn't find. Focus on your skills and you'll manage to get the shit out of any DAW you have. Then you'll go to a studio and record it with higher quality. But it's useless recording shit, a studio is not a place to do magic: it will only bring a few improvements to what should already be an interesting piece of quality.

Sharing 2 videos linked with that right mindset, by the way, if you need any type of advice to confirm what I just said, watch them fully:



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thanks a lot ! glad to reach that point, I will keep on creating content like this :D

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