Some new progressive house track outline

in #music4 years ago (edited)

I'm redirecting you to the video I posted on my own FB page (as it's not possible to post video files on here yet, it seems).

To sum it up, I decided to get inspired by the main loop of Swedish House Mafia's Miami2Ibiza track; then I built all I fancied around it and I had a fun time. Hope you have a fun time as well listening to it, it's a different type of progressive house than the 1st bootleg I made that I posted here (Seek Bromance by Avicii):

All in all, the idea behind it all is the same: going towards my own style and finding my own identity that still belongs to that progressive house world. Maybe more influenced by rock. I should end up finding my own way by incorporating my rock and rap influences as well. Till then, this is it again:

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