Prioritizing your musical ideas

in #music4 years ago

There are always times when you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas. Stop that state and control your mind: if you keep getting like that, none of your ideas will ever be finished. Think about this: the successful producers have 1 big difference with you that made them what they are now and keeps them staying where they are: they finish their tracks. That's why you should clearly define a mindset, or a rule, whatever you can choose. Discipline defines the best work as well, even if you need to be creative. That's where coherence enters the game. Without it, you're nothing in the music industry. If you keep building incoherent pieces of work, it will never get together as a whole.


Let's get back to that "ideas" you have: you should first make a clear list, put it on a piece of paper or wherever you can easily go to refresh your mind, even on some txt file on your computer, or on both paper and txt file. At the end of the day, it's about collecting all the data you need to get those ideas finished. Select the 5 "top" ideas, these are going to be your priorities until you finish them all. Of course you won't do them all at once. Then you do them one by one, but you clearly see how prioritizing is crucial in that way, in order to avoid stagnation into generalist ideas. Now that you can focus on 1 idea, you can clearly plan how you will deal with all the details linked with it. Every single idea has aspects that makes it unique, this can't be neglected. If one idea represents a given type of track (pure production or remix, bootleg, mashup, mix, whatever), you see how focusing on 1 single thing at a time is important.

Now look at something that illustrates this point: the 5/25 rule that will help you focus on the things that matter.

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