My crude and true vision of the whole music industry (warning: no fake talks here, non-hypocritical)

in #music4 years ago (edited)

The music industry's like most towns: nothing more than a big pathetic pussy waiting to get raped; you just have to do with this shit. Now let me explain that. I know it's been quite a time I haven't posted, but the amount of "social network presence" you have to lose is directly proportional to the quality of the productions you want to end up with ! That explains a lot of things.


This time let's take a look at my own view of the true shit though, a few truths have to be said (and wake some fuckers) about what any industry (especially the music one) is all about, especially to all those sensationalist fools who enjoy putting lipstick on pieces of shit (the new trend of the 21st century: "junk-food", "junk-everything" era):

  • nothing to lose with facebook, steemit or anything else; so don't expect anything else from me than those types of posts during the incoming weeks or months, I have nothing "positive"/"better" to "offer" to this community

  • I'm taking shortcuts so I won't waste time with an "audience", useless networking and oversharing activities or any other fake temporary shit to get what I want out of this shitty industry world; you can deduce what you want from it, even though it's quite obvious; posting unfinished, not good enough shit for 100 cunts to put "likes" on it and forget it the next day is not really my cup of tea, especially if it doesn't even have the potential to be like those pieces of fake shit that are "sold" 1$ on energy-wasting, scam platforms like Spotify I don't even care about

  • all the things from above are said because I'm no fucking hypocrite, but no fucking person who has "success" at the top of this industry will ever have the balls to tell it to you; no, they are just too busy sucking dicks and doing fake collabs to think about it; moreover, it's the labels that "dictate" what happens and who is "well-known" or not

  • as a consequence, the "talent story built from nothing" is a very old, and very fake legend; like in the sports world, it works by the "chosen one" process: someone knowing enough people will be "boosted" and then the talent will become mainstream; don't give a fuck if I'll get there; but I won't "fakeass it" like a fake fairytale shit like all these fuckers do in the industry telling "oh everything happening to me is so magical, I was so poor before, I was so hungry and now it's all fucking perfect"; NO, it's not fucking magical you fools; you were just one more pathetic piece of lucky sod at the right place at the right time, nothing more than that; end of the shitty discussion; I'll keep on saying all the things I've said here whatever happens you fools (y)



P.S.: views expressed here are my own (though very close to the truth); if you don't agree with them, please read them carefully one more time, this time without a dick in your mouth


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