Music industry mentalities: some noticeable change

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I decided to write this article after seeing 2 interesting pieces of information linked with the music industry: 1 is an image, the other one is an article. They may seem independent but are linked with the same thing: the fact the music industry of a given era (that truly reflects society in a way, like the football world reflects it as well) is more and more filled with behaviors and elements that can make us come to the conclusion that as it stands now, it's something which is less reliable than before.

We often tend to say it is rotten. But what isn't if you trust too much nowadays ? In an era filled with fake news and fake people, you can only trust yourself. That doesn't mean you can't trust anyone; but you have to only trust your own judgment for things that matter. You can have friends, you can have relatives of course. But when it comes to things that matter to you, I have 1 rule: just trust your own instinct. That way, you know where you're heading, and you're only depending on your own possibilities. No one can interfere with your thoughts and what you think is best for you.


This article sums it all up: it's a very well-thought view from a professional in that field who has observed that drastic change over the years, with people being more and more prone to only looking for success, fame and the money that comes with it, most contaminated are promoters, only looking for the "next big thing" and willing to find it at any cost, even if it means "faking the next big thing", and ruining any type of creativity. It's only an example among others. Let's read this article fully. It really gives an interesting insight from a person who has had a very long experience in that music business.



This image sums it all up: maybe this is not linked with what Taylor Swift exactly said, maybe she didn't say this at all, but the main idea is the mentality behind that type of fake "characters" of the music world is mostly like this. I have nothing against Taylor Swift personally, as for any other artist. But it's the main system that I'm pointing out here: the "fabric of success" is rotten.

Back in the day, the Beatles would work 1 hour and a half every single day in order to produce the masterclass they have done. They would then record it, and all the interviews were done at fixed times; meaning the plan was really simple and easy to follow. This is only an example among others. Not even mentioning the fact they ended their touring and concerts very early compared with what they could have done. Why ? Because they were ONLY doing it for the music. Not for the fans, not for the paperwork, not for the interviews. Too much negative energy accumulated during the years.

The difference with now ? It's the exact opposite: artists (most of them) are ONLY doing it for the interviews, paperwork thing, and other artificial and useless things (to me). Big U-turn isn't it ? Then you can understand most of the reasons why true artists who performed and were successful (especially in the post-90s era) have always had it difficult; it always ended up bad because they were doing it for the sake and passion of music: Avicii, Kurt Cobain, Dolores O'Riordan, Chester Bennington, and much more. This illustrates at which point everything has become so fake that it disgusts the truest artists who end up taking their own lives. The "fabric of success" is to me a big, fake, yet money-producing capitalist machine destined to "squeeze" artists' talent as fast as you squeeze the juice out of an orange before you throw it inside a bin. That's what most successful artists have to beware of. Not "burning" their talent too fast.

According to a report (article shared below), the music industry generated about $43 billion in 2017. Yet artists only make 12% out of it. One explanation could be the fact most of the work is often made by ghost producers, sound engineers and many more other jobs linked with promoting the music itself. But all in all, this is yet another contradiction inherent in the music industry, as the ones producing the "raw material" are not often the ones rewarded the most.

That's pretty much everything I was willing to say in this article, and I have more positive thoughts to finish with. Simplicity is the key to produce music if it's your true passion, never forget this mentality. Best things are made through simplicity and not overthinking. Like how "Wake me up" was created by Avicii. They basically had nothing at the beginning. This video sums it up:

I was talking about the fact the music industry has lots of contradictions. A last assessment I want to conclude with is the fact we are all full of contradictions as well. I'm not excluding myself from this assessment as well for this time, as I'm ready to do anything to bring something new to the world of music, even if it means having to handle fake people. The euphoria of music success is priceless, so it is clearly something I want to experience. Then I'll see how I react to it. I always improvised the facts and actions through my life anyway :D


Keep on learning until you make it ! Even then you shouldn't stop.



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