FLStudio: free and new presets release

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New presets have been released for the Harmor VST on FL Studio, you can hear it here and there's a download link under the Youtube video as well:


Talking about presets and free samples, I have another site for you that I've been using a lot recently:


Enjoy whatever you're producing, and don't forget the most important thing is to finish anything you started before starting with a new idea.



Saw your comment on my post comparing fl studio and ableton buddy, lets talk if you're into music.

Beep me on telegram, im looking to collaborate with steemians who are musicians from around the world.


I got a shit ton of plugins as well on like 5 hardrives🤫

Terrific, I'm looking for collabs as well, been using FL for quite a time now, and I feel this is the right moment for a collaboration. I don't have telegram sorry, I'm on soundcloud, youtube and facebook though. We can share ideas there ! Are you into progressive house ? My role models are Swedish House Mafia and Tiestö. Hope it fits your style, as we all have a quest for a style that we don't have to forget as well :D

Haha, i love SHM and avicii.... Havent heard a lot of Tiesto..... I prefer deep house music.

No telegram, that means you aint got a phone.... Hmmm.

Ok, lets get on Facebook or at least register on Twitter.... Facebook is so dead and old i dnt even know how it works anymore .... Mind you, im into afrobeat, hiphop and deephouse.....

Find me "Adedoyin destiny adeola"

Tell me your username also, let me find you

ok I will tell you when I create a Twitter account, as for now, I have other priorities that are finding my own style and practicing with FLStudio. I'm Phileas Fogg on facebook ! We can discuss our styles there. They don't seem so close though.

How long have you been into music?

There are no rules, there is always an evolution.

Mixing genres, coming up with new sounds, new genres... Thats music.

Electrohouse, Chicago house, deep house, afrohouse, dubstep, acid... Tropical...

So many subgenres that i love... N experiment with.

So ill get to you on FB

ok I'll find you there

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