Ariane Grande and Ed Sheeran, 2 of the biggest clowns of the junk-music industry

in #music4 years ago (edited)

I don't want to talk too much about that debate; but I prefer telling you what I think about those clowns (yes, I see them more as clowns of the industry). It sums up the whole masquerade going on in the music industry for some time now.


Let's read this article first before seeing my point which is very simple and easy to understand (especially if their bullshit fake music is not your cup of tea; if it is, then do me a favor and piss off my page, that is to say: fuck off anywhere else you want, but not on my page).

If it depended on me, I would say their whole sounds and vocals are ordinary like shit, but nowadays, music industry is just like in the sports world, we like big sensationalism (putting "lipstick on a piece of shit") and giving fake,average players / singers the credit the Beatles (for example) used to have for the legends they were; bullshit-industry of fake lyrics as well, given the fact you can obtain any of their "songs" by rearranging the words "ass,kiss,peace,love,fuck,drunk,life"; then they tell a sound engineer to get some shit out of random chords and their "junk food" music is out ! so yes, I guess only for that, the quality is shit enough for their shit to be banned; it's not my cup of tea, but it's even more a cup of shit than justinbieber; only people I know who appreciate them are losers I blocked.

Now I'm gonna let you reflect on that with a few other articles and one video to develop my point. They are self-sufficient, like totally exhaustive, I don't need to comment more than that, it's obvious (and I'm too tired, I'm going through some random burnout out of producing and improving my own quality - what most fake singers and successful producers didn't take the time to do, by the way - but I'm real so it explains it all, I will reach the end of the fucking tunnel don't worry for me, and get the credit I deserve, far more than these bunch of suckers).

Actually I'm gonna add some view on this video. I have to. He is so fucking right, I totally identify, fuck youtube, fuck these big fat pussies out there; I spit on them all businessassholes or whatever the fuck they call themselves, I mean what the fuck is the point of wasting 5 fucking years of fuckin'college for fuck sake and any little teen cocksucker like justinbieber can post shit on internet and get credit out of being SHIT ! fuck them all; trust me I'll end up raping them all for real, and their fucking bitches' ass will hurt for life; can't tell how, where or the exact time yet but like every shit I solved in my fucking life, I found my way to solve the fuck out of it and every fucking person will be taken by surprise, I mean it's like in fucking Scarface, this quote about "this town is like a big pathetic pussy waiting to get fucked"; it applies to the music industry as well. By the way, sorry if I was a little rude, it's linked with something important and really pathetic. Though being like that, I still have more ethics than most people out there sucking dicks in the industry to get where they want to be, be sure about that.


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