Ear Candy**some Synthesizer...a dash of Drums...simple. You've got an electronic music sample.**steemCreated with Sketch.

in music •  10 months ago

doing math with FL Studio


Apparently sharing is caring
...and so here we are.

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a steady stream of chill ~ relaxing ~ smooth beats!

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dont use full100% steem post; use 50 so we all get rewards please; and still waiting for the cyberpunk music!


sh*t. sorry. I didnt know that 100% power affected the voters. Ill stop.

thx for the upvote. Don't forget about the boombox!


I literally just wrote it down so I wont forget! I still will probably forget...but Im reeeally hoping that 50% chance of getting on my next post comes through..ha. Im gonna check out the boombox section now. Thank you again sir!

Thanks for your Support !!