Make a guitar from old license plates

in #music4 years ago

Art from junk!

Looking for a purpose for your old license plates? Why not make a guitar out of it. That’s what I did!


After making the move from California to Idaho, I was left with my old plates. I decided to use the cleaner, not bug splattered, back plate as I was less likely to get wings and guts under my fingernails while playing.

I make the initial body out of laminated 1X2 poplar boards. Then I hollow out the body with a router to give it nice twangy resonance from the metal plate. I shape the neck and the headstock, in this case to look like the California state Highway 1 signs.

Hand-painted lettering is tough!

Later i sand it down to make it nice and smooth. I add some frets to the neck based on the size of the guitar. I then stain it, paint it and add the pickups, the knobs and the jacks.


Later still, I pick it up and play it…. terribly.

Hope you dig it!


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Be well!

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Amazing idea and great execution.. reusability of the resources .. thanks for sharing , I have upvoted this one

thank you! It was fun to make.

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