Concert @Rockerill photo's + special anouncement !

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Hi Steemians !

Our band La Force Tranquille was in concert at The Rockerill in Charleroi, Belgium. It is a special place cause it was formerly a warehouse for one of the biggest steel industry in Belgium. The story of this industry litteraly shaped the city of Charleroi that is known now as "the uglyest city in the world". But this bar managed to make a new beauty out of old ugnlyness. Check it yourself !

Here are some photos of the entrance :EOS - salle 9.JPG

EOS - salle 5.JPG

EOS - Salle 7.JPG

Here is the stage with our team preparing the scene for the show !
The scene's rdy for the concert !
1 1 La scène.jpg
So does the band !
Photo de groupe.jpg

The show started at 11pm and it was sensational ppl were dancing and singing. It was very satisfying to share such a moment with Charleroi's public. Here are some photo's of the show.




Superbe photo panoramique toute la salle.jpg

Special announcement :

First our album jacket's finally ready and we gonna sell it here on Steemit ! With the steemit wallet ! We going to make a post to explain how we are doing it. What about you ? Would you find it interesting to buy an album with Steemit ?

Second this show was so awsome we got the audio out of the mixtable and we probably gonna make it a live album !

As it was in the begining we're all super excited to go further on this adventure !

follow, upvote and resteem if you wanna support our project !

Big thks bye !


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