What kind of music inspires this production?

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Update on production and discussion of philosophies of art and culture and their metrics.

Sorry Gang section 2 still in production, I am a horrible procrastinator. I said will post section 2 of learn guitar which will teach basic scales, chords and how they interact very soon. Music and art I find are just extensions of man as Marshall McLuhan Might assert. One might view metrics of culture as metaphors of genes, called memes as constructed by Richard Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene."

One might conceptualize culture as tiny replicating things that inhabit our brains. These things help us create identities that help us navigate the larger zeitgeist. Identities can help people find people of like kind, or people with certain skills or traits.

Music, art and culture in general create artifacts of information that record what things were found interesting by what audiences as mediated by various power structures through time.

What art do you like? Who are artists and musicians you like? What genres do you like? What kind of guitar stuff do you want to learn?

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I'm a rock / hardrock lover.
occasionally I enjoy psychedelic trance and house music

as I've read, experiencing joy with hearing music, relates to what frequencies are musics turn in to in your brain. so this is the reason someone likes blues, country or thrash metal...

I believe it's important to respect everyone's tastes and enjoy the one you are used to :)

if you like to know about a very strange kind of music which is used in Iranian ancient sport, check this: https://steemit.com/travel/@honarparvar/persian-old-wrestling-game-a-tourism-attraction-for-culture-explorers

and don't forget to upvote if you liked it ;)

Always love to learn about human kinds culture thanks.

I'm glad you like it. Check here to hear a sample:

disco :D

yea Bee gees can be pretty good. Big fan of

haha still playin' their music in Karaoke

Pop and EDM are now days popular but classic and country music are best to listen . 😊

Classical or Classic rock? I mean I think things are all subjective and depends n what you are trying to do. Pop might be best for sippy my tais driving down a highway in a convertable in some comfortable son. Country better for getting drunk or playing some cards. Perhaps classical better for studying? Perhaps it's all bullshit social constructs though.

Music sound of the souls

I totally enjoyed getting a peak into a totally foreign, yet somehow very familiar (at times) music scene. I enjoyed your perspective and history - it grounded me before I tackled each new song.
May you continue to post new and interesting things :)

I love seeing more music related posts here on Steemit. I am a fellow musician and plan on putting out some music in the future. It is nice seeing successful posts in the music category.

Btw Check out the band called THE KIN on youtube, itunes etc.. if you are into great harmonies and musicianship you will love them...in my opinion they have a little something for everyone. Plus the drummer uses his hands instead of drums sticks- on a regular kit.


sounds pretty cool always love when a drummer uses hands.

Thanks for all the informations about music. Music is so important for me and a lot of people. I love a lot of kind of music, classic, Hip-Hop, rock, techno...and more.

Defintiely, find the style depends on what kind of feel one's looking for a poker game different than a workout or gettint drunk


But really, 80's rock is kick ass! Id learn Def Leopard, Van Halen and earlier Zep!

Depending on where this go may cover some of those interval patterns and maybe some tabs., such content isn't cc0/public domain though so may not be able to cover their stuff directly.

I am eagerly waiting for Gang Section 2.
Please Hurry Up @learnguitar.

keep doing the great work and Thank you for your effort.


thanks should have the rough edit of the full section uploaded tomorrow night/early sat morning, then post the individuals sections with their own explanations as posts

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This music video is one of the best music video. I ever seen. Thanks for the sharing this video.

yea its pretty cool

Nice one @learnguitar I love music because it heals the heart and create melody in the soul

Thanks for your input. There are lots of interesting melodies to explore

please listen my cover! I would appreciate your vote in my participation in openmic week 66, thank you very much!

I would have considered a vote if you hadn't spamed my post, not at all mentioned my post in your spam comment, and you didnt even upvote the post so why would I upvote you? Good video though!!

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Really am amazing piece of information about music, thanks for sharing this

thank you, you are welcome, stay tuned got some useful stuff coming up soon

learnguitar!! Thank you, your Post.

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The kid holding the guitar looks so cute!

yea its from pixabay.com so supposedly public domain if you ever want to use the pic

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