Alternative Rock <3

in #music6 years ago

Any alternative rock fans around here, huh?

Why are you listening to this type of music?
I like alternative rock because, in my opinion, it expresses more emotions than any other type of music. It has a nice feeling and it makes me happy when I'm sad

My favourite alternative rock bands are:
Joy Division (all time favourite <3)
The Clash
The Smiths
Arctic Monkeys
The Killers

Most of my friends don't listen to alt-rock, maybe two-three of them. As it seems not a lot of people like alt-rock bands, besides of course Nirvana. Every time i am listening to it i really don't know how to feel, sad or happy. I think it's amazing because you can listen to it regardless to mood. I started to hear less alt-rock bands in radio, when i'm driving a car and that really makes me sad! What do you guys think about alt-rock though? Is it cool or nah?

Write your thoughts and favorite bands in comments and remember to leave an upvote :)


Cool post! I really enjoyed reading it and I'm going to check these bands.

Love The Killers....also 30 Seconds to Mars...Joywave...Paramore...there are so many...I am a singer..mainly Contemporary Christian but I love some alt rock as well!

Yeah, The Killers <3. Singer? Cool! :D

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