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If you are a music lover then it's my appeal that you patiently read this and thank me later.

Music always evolves, music always seeks new doors and means of expression and one thing music can always count on are the talented souls that help it achieve its epiphany. The presence of these talented people all around the world today can easily be perceived by taking a casual stroll around the various social media platforms... YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, IG etc, but the question remains:

How many are actually heard

We all already know today that the music industry on a global level turns in billions of dollars in revenue annually, most of which are accrued from online streams---God bless Steveey😀 for giving us Itunes😇, we also have Spotify, deezer amongst many others.

Have you ever asked yourself this, "How much of these billions eventually get to the artist, or the songwriter or even the producer?"

Now I'm talking about the stars we know and chorus their songs all around the world.

Let's now imagine those who never even make it to the billboard charts or maybe someone like YOU who doesn't even make it beyond your social media handle and if you are lucky enough your city.

Hard Truth

The actual people that walk home smiling at the end of the year aren't the celebrities with the million dollar deals and top rated Grammy award winning songs.
All of these artists are signed to labels and have managers who are responsible for taking their career from one level to the next. So ask yourself this:

"If these artists are making this much money, then how about those responsible for making them shine?"

Even if every celebrity manager and label is to manage more than 10 to 20 artistes every year, can they really scratch the itch that troubles the souls of young musicians out there that really want to be heard AND PAID?


Since we discovered that being heard means being heard , a lot of independent musicians these days that can afford it use CD Baby , Tune Core, Nimbit as aggregators to have their music go on various streaming platforms and then these aggregators help collect their fees for them as well as monitor their music in the market.
It doesn't stop there you still need to register with Performance Rights Organizations to ensure that your music gets you paid and these PRO's like the ASCAP, BMI, APRA, SESAC ensure to collect fees from those who use your music.
Let's not also forget to mention that you have to Copyright your works so that it remains yours whilst your alive and stays for another 70 years when you die before falling into the public domain.

Meaning that Copyrighting isn't ETERNAL😥

Most new upcoming musicians just only care about being out there so they create good music, hype it on social media and eventually release it for free, hoping that it gets them noticed enough to initiate them into starhood. We have so many successful stories that have resulted from social media, but for every 1 person that made it, there are 1000 better acts that don't get noticed😩...

Yeah, we know life isn't fair.


It cripples my heart that in the world today many people only associate blockchain technology with bitcoin, I really don't blame them seeing as BITCOIN was the first crypto to introduce the blockchain technology to us.

Whatever information that's stored on the blockchain stays for life, transactions and all manner of documentation and smart contracts are safe on the blockchain and cannot be altered for life.

So many companies and big brands in the world today are waking up to this reality and that's where EMANATE COMES IN.

Emanate is the world's fastest payment and contract engine designed for the music industry. Built on blockchain technology (EOS.io) Emanate is building out an ecosystem for the industry kicking it into the 21st Century.
Emanate will give you access to your music and access to the funds generated from your music with or without the presence of middle men or labels it all comes down to your choice.

Putting music on Emanate is the “future of music.

I could say alot about it right now, but I'll prefer if you check out the scope of the project via this article written by the team. It breaks down the project into byte sized easy to read chunks, so you'll better appreciate what EMANATE has come to do.


Suffice it to say, that it's a win win for songwriters , producers, vocalists and audio creatives alike. It's time we all take our music in our hands and get heard and paid at the same time with comfort.

Whether you are a listener or a musician, there's a place for you to earn while falling in love with EMANATE.

To stay up to date with information about emanate, bookmark our medium page


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