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Have you heard that the Swedish House Mafias are back? Look, I love those guys. They can really cook up good tunes for rave music festivals. Even rebels like me play some of their corny mainstream stuff from time to time. But.. I was there at one of their "last tour" raves back in 2012, before the trio disbanded.

So now I'm feeling like I've been scammed into splurging on what was supposed to be a limited-edition and momentous occasion for the Electro gods! I guess the market has been brutal on their solo endeavours. Over-popularised music tends to kill itself anyway. This is why I've gone into the ultimate underground music sewers ever since receiving my cosmic enlightenment back in 2013. Chill out. Discover Vaporwave™.

Buy it now for free at

Nothing in life is predictable, but setting into mediocrity milking the cash cow is. I wouldn't say that SHM sucks, but the break-up has got to be about moving past their comfort zones from being together for the past 50 years or so, no?

Perhaps $200,000 a year in the afterlife proved to be too measly and unsustainable for a rockstar life. So here's some good old milking technique: just rebrand and make a comeback. Swedish House Clowns Mafias. Now back with 25% more squishy red-noise!

Just messing around here. If you guys are reading this, I just want to say that yall are real artists. In the meantime, all music lovers ought to know how to monetise their love for music for the real music revolution to begin! Here's how.

1. Write about it!

Music is universal and just about everyone likes whatever music they like. So write about it, like I do with my natural selections. Do reviews like @theneedledrop - music albums, events, etc. Production tutorials? Rant about industry clowns. Share your favourite music video or maybe even festival clips with some of your thoughts. Whatever. Just do it if it interests you so much.


This is the essence of Steem for anyone to start earning anything around this corner of the Internet! Even $0.01 is better than nothing posting on Facebook or Reddit. You can earn Steem writing on websites like Steemit and

2. Become an open-source model

Musicians, especially lazy DJs like me sometimes just like using pictures of good-looking people for our image covers. Just do a Youtube search on "deep house" and you'll know what I'm talking about.


I mean, where do these DJs get their models from? Probably shoots of their model friends, perhaps hired. But if you love music and would like to be part of such covers, why not just share your photos with the expressed permission for anyone to use it openly? You'll probably get some votes. But of course, there's no guarantee and it's likely that you'd need to have a legit account without looking like you've stolen someone else's identity!

Perhaps I'd consider being an open-source male model at some point too myself. Gotta twerk those eyebags, pouted lips, mysterious shades, and forlorn eyes..

Funnily, I tried to Google out "open source models" and "free deep house modelling pics" earlier for more choices on my mix cover update, only to end up with the following images..


Anyway, if you want to listen to my mainstream shit, check out my runner-up mix for a contest back in 2012, now freshly re-titled as Celebrate Life. Just milking it here with a rebrand!

An accidentally poetic image cover.

3. Share your music!

You make music, and you're good at it. Share your process. Share your audio files with the community. Just try something new. The world is changing anyway. Open-source your music! Perhaps even try music open mic out?

While I've been out of the music game ever since starting Steem, I've been thinking of getting back into the mashup life soon, renewing myself with mobile solutions. They seem to have been maturing over the couple of years ever since I went on hiatus. Check out the video below by Roli:-


Blockchains like Steem provides many ways for all music lovers to monetise their energy and enthusiasm. There are probably many more ways if one cares to be creative enough. If you already have a following, why not invite your fans over and also reward your most engaged subscriber or even collaborator? The brave new world of music beckons. It's time to escape competition through authenticity.

The best way to build your account is not to just focus on one thing like music reviews. Just use it like you would any of your accounts on social media. Sharing more aspects in a network builds trust while diversifying your social content.

Note: This platform is still lacking a built-in communities feature, but what kind of music communities would you like to see?

*Images used are attribution-free.

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Steemit has come to be a platform for diversity. No one is restricted to long posts as blogs. A site for music on steem blockchain will be great

Well. I’ve been trying to build the #electronicmusic tag since last December. It used to be empty, now it is not. I’ve got a few more irons in the fire to try and build on it, more on that in the future though.

The hope is that it becomes popular enough that it warrants splitting into even more specific subtags. Or communities comes out and I can do something with that!

Yes! Good going. I've not been any music subreddit so i really have no idea how it's gonna be different..

To be honest, I have no idea. I’m not really a Redditor, so it’ll be a bit of journey of discovery! As long as it provides a corner for people to grow in, then all good by me.

I commend @fourfourfun for his efforts and encourage you all to join us in #electronicmusic and #recordpool

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I've actually always wanted to create my own mashups and remixes but honestly, I have no idea where and how to start! I tried following some YouTube videos but you need all kind of empty files with and without voice and what not. So confusing!

Also, if I don't forget it, I post #tunethursday. It's where I simply share some music on Thursdays, hehe. It can be anything really. Generally it's music I randomly bump into which I didn't know about before or something I've liked for a longer period of time.

Speaking about monetising your music - I've recently discovered platform which is going to be focussing on this all - imusify. I might write a more detailed post later as I really do think there are a billion people out here just starting to simply struggling to earn some money with their music. YouTube is simply too hard to compete within.
I learned from this and just messing around with the softwares..

is there adoption for imusify yet? actual blockchain adoption is the part most projects haven't pulled off :D

Would that program also work to make popmusic thingie mashups? I guess that's more kinda my genre :D

What do you mean exactly with Blockchain Adoption? It is quite new but looks like they have big plans.

yea fruityloops is easiest to use..

blockchain adoption, like steem and its relatively large userbase now. yea, exactly my point. now it's all big plans, but nobody knows if anyone's gonna adopt whatever anyone else is building now.. the same for most coins in the market!

Alright, I will check it out! Thanks :D

And that is a good point though, but I guess only time will tell. They have to start somewhere!

nice one bro! i see a lot of mixes using pretty women as the artwork.. it is true.. you kinda do have to be more unique than the average to get noticed here on steemit!

haha wanna model for my mixtape cover??

I'd like A model from your mimxtape cover if that's possible.. I don't think you'd get many hits with my mug on the cover! lol

I would like to see a LIVE weekend CLUB scene that anyone can look into different MUSIC party goers that stream their feed ALL around the world.

  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Amsterdam
  • Moscom
  • Brasil
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles

That's cool. I've thought the same for something like Steem's Global BBQ Network lol

You just made me hungry @kevinwong


How hard is it to create a STEEM APP that would automatically send out notifications when one of our followers go live?

Relatively trivial. There's already an app called Steemify that tracks any activities (but going live might need another meta tag tracker or something)

Check what I just thought of...

If this APP would accept either an upvote or equally amount of steem/sbd to have access maybe through steem connect automatically to a private live stream!

Wow! Thanks to you Kelvin, indeed this is an eye opener to persons like me. I have some amazing unproduced songs with good lyrics but don't have the courage to bring them out, rather I do songs by other artists but after going through this article on music lover I have resolved to put more work on my own songs for the world to also hear my creativity. Thanks for the inspiration you rock.

Just share it out :) Many things we do goes to waste anyway (at least in my experience!)

That is true and seriously there is no harm in trying anyway new things.

Im passionate about music sadly I can't really sing, I grew up trying to build up my voice and sound but it got more terrible, because the talent wasn't there for me, I killed my singing ambitions, your post made me reminisce those days

The shower head is my biggest fan.

I don't even like my own voice on the recorder, so I've never even considered singing haha!

That first song is soo good! But yeah was thinking of sometimes bringing up some of the hip hop debates I occasionally have with my friends that last for hours, now its a definite and I'll just force my biases on steemit or at least try. Lol. I think a blog of all genres(popular or unpopular) would be nice, talking about their histories and trying to see which ones could complement each other the best.
Alright I'm off to look for more subjects to milk the sh*t out of. Peace!

name a nice and obscure 80s smooth jazz track

Listen to #yunk ムードジェネレータ by Etherpunk #np on #SoundCloud


Nice to know you're into making music mashups too!

I've made about 3 so far, out of which I'm most proud of this one! Honestly, I expected it to be received really well but, my expectation bubble ended up bursting bad. lol

Personally, I like any song that I feel goes well with another. Usually, they're both pop songs, because -

  1. It's well known by people and relatable, therefore better acceptance of the mashup.
  2. It's usually what plays the most everywhere we go, so it'll be stuck in my mind somewhere when choosing songs while creating a mashup.

What kind of mashups are you into?

this is the genre i dig lol
totally against the grain of popularity

Just listened to a few samples. It's those music in old video games right? I remember that car game which seems to go forever into the horizon. lol
I think I like this music more when it's sped up. Sounds pretty depressive in its original speed, doesn't it?

Greetings. Kevin.

Great post. I like music a lot, but only as a listener. I can not even produce or sing hehehe. I really admire the good singers and instrumentalists.

Your idea of ​​sharing is very good. Steemit opens a way for people to be able to put what they like and still be paid for it.

Thank you!

I'm quite a terrible producer, i really just mix things up and hardly do any sound from scratch haha. what do you listen to?

Hello man. I listen rock and
instrumental music, mainly piano. Also, I like Enya songs for example. Look how beautiful that sound is:

We all are music lovers!
I'm also a snickers and hamburgers lover. And pizza lover. And cold beer lover!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


If becoming an open source model could earn a cent or two, that would be the "Proof of Good-looking".

I just want to get nice and free to use pics easily hahah..

First of all I'm as much an artist as a brick is art :)) but thanks for the compliment. I try to share music that pops into mind in a certain context like for example when I got some new trail running shoes and I starting singing in my head "I've got new shoes" instead of "I've got new rules" which are the standard lyrics in Dua Lipa's - New Rules.

lol doesn't that always happen? look at lyrics and smh

Thanks Kevin for the write-up and for inspiring us to share the music. I think it's a great idea, I used to think it's only worth sharing it if you are a producer or DJ.

You are right, every one should feel free to share the music we like or the albums we are listening to.

DJing is fairly easy to pick up btw!

I'm just a mannequin but I'm working on my music video!
Steem blockchain is super great, cause also mannequins can have a blog, oh yeah!!!

In the meantime I'm learning to play Ukulele and piano!
Big plastic hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

geez you already know more instruments than me!

Haha... I just know a little bit of those instruments... will let you know once I got my music video ready ;-)
Have a great day!

Music is an international language that speaks to the soul. i have been a musician all my life and on occasion share some. Yes I should blog more on music but there are so many areas of interest to write about. Thanks for the encouragement to share music. More of us should Blessings @kevinwong

music is a way of connecting and communicating with others with like-minded interests, or even those who may not be similar to you in any form or fashion, which is what makes music so incredibly great & diverse. you can never go wrong with some good 'ol tunes, that's for sure!

Thanks for giving me some motivation, and also an idea for another focus point to blog about, much appreciation & of course:

STEEM on & cash-in!!

Hi @kevinwong , I have posted a lot already about music, I do a 30 day music challenge. I write a lot about music in my "music is magic, music is emotion" series. I'm now at number 26 (look here if you want, no link promotion. A life without music isn;t a real life... I love the universal language of Music... So I keep posting music and keep reading good mucial posts :) Thanks a lot !!!

No medium can ever be compared to Steemit. The very fact that someone could earn Steem just by blogging about his favourite things in life is overwhelming. I am extremely excited about the return of the Swedish House Mafias.

got that right!

Of course, I am! Also a lover of laziness. I combine both of them together))

Mehn music is Life. I am one person who doesnt know how to sing nor have a good voice but one thing I do know for sure is that I am very passionate about good music and I know good music when I see one...Swedish house of Mafia is just one of a kind and they have always made us proud. Good to have them back.

good idea @ kevinwong. many people who need to touch the talent he has. your explanations can elevate and motivate them to use talent to live more. not a few people do because of the demands of the conditions. talent left behind for this. certainly make their work not merged with the demands of talent. many feel uncomfortable.

One thing steemit lacks is streaming media. Writing about music is great but you need to host your streams somewhere else and it brings headache

there's, does that solve the issue? it's a steem-based platform.

Kevin I see you are a whale! So excuse me if I'm wrong, I'm new to steemit and so far I have enjoyed it and promoted it heavily on my social medias.

I have read steemit blockchain only keeps the text not the media and the dlive project, I couldn't see any special relation with steemit. Looks like you host your files on youtube or anywhere else.

Please correct me if I'm wrong

How about upvotes that allow one to listen to a song once?

And then I can repeatedly upvote (til I run out of voting power) songs if I want to hear them.

Artists could set the threshold-10% upvotes, 50%, 100% or whatever.

Or, delegate a set amount of steem power as a subscription fee.

At ForTheLoveOfBands [music reviews, Spotify playlists, Industry Tips and more] we also think Steemit is a great platform to grow, engage and let independent artists get the recognition they deserve. Our new website is going live next weekend, with lots of interesting Steemit-only features to urge bands and artists to sign up to Steemit as well. We're also going to post music reviews here, as well as invite bands to write about other bands in our Bands About Bands contest. Reviews written, will also be added to our blog to have even more exposure (for bands and steemit alike).

Let's make this happen and reward creativity together!

Some really great tips in launching an awesome career in music.
Interestingly, Blockchain effected virtually all sectors Music too
Steem is another potential platform to grow music. Upcoming artists will definitely be wooed and enthused with this amazing opportunity offered by blockchain

I would really use these few extra detailed steps to pocket something from my passion for music. Their are a lot of artists on steemit that haven't set out their careers in the steemit world. It would be a waste of talent if singing is not maximised to earn from it. These are great steps that we need to share with various music artists to open a whole new world for them.

I believe blockchain revolution will affect artists first and foremost. Writers, musicians, singers, actors, poets, painters... It is an effect in progress. We are yet to see it on its full glory, but it will come. I am shure of it.

Though I'm not a Creator, I love listening to music and keenly follow some of the artists here on steemit.
Some great talent here

Interestingly, Blockchain affects almost all sectors of Music as well Steem is another potential platform for growing music. Future artists will definitely be appealing and in demand with the amazing opportunities offered by blockchain

Everyone can have a voice in Steemit now, including the musicians. Useful submission

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Though I don't know how to song but who doesn't love music.

Thank you @kevinwong for these very useful contributions. I particularly admire the suggestion about hosting of open Mic contests. I know Steemians like @isaria who are impacting greatly on the blockchain by way of such contests. I encourage anyone with a flare for music to consider it

I love music, i love life.
I've actually been playing with the idea of participating in the open mic challenge here in Steemit.
Steemit has actually helped unearth my hidden talents.
Thanks for this.

Highly rEsteemed.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 8.22.15 AM.png

good i like the music

write the music. good idea

@kevinwong, I'm such a great music lover in this platform. I can sing nicely but haven't skill for play music instruments. I tried to learn Guitar before 10 years ago and after get little bit effort decided to leave from playing. Perhaps I prefer to hear classical musics also probably require rock music indeed house mix ones. I followed every classy music.
Swedish House Mafias is another various kind of music group and have been made various styles musics. Their music gave me chilled.
You given greatest idea to begin real music revolution in steem blockchain. It would be improve some steemians music making skills and encourage them, release their talent. Begin hashtag community much needed purpose for find good reviews.

Yea, I play saxophone in school band... i wrote about it last month! Now having baby attach to me, i can only enjoy my music by singing it out when baby is awake.
If u still remember I stupidly attached a link of my singing here.
I love the apps that able to record and play music as well. So much convenient nowadays.

Very good post The truth sometimes I would like to have more opportunity to enjoy the work of other users that I sometimes think are lost in space. There should be more channels to recognize the work they do within the community. Yes, there is some community at the moment I have not found it, if they can share it.

Good steemit music kevinwong (75)

Did I do something wrong without knowing it? ?

Gone are the days when Steemit was only about long and witty writeup. Everybody has a voice on Steemit now, including musicians. Useful submission

Music is the joy of life.... If you pick up the right type of music it not only will be pleasurable but it will for sure calm each and every thread of your soul....

Already way ahead of ya, my man! But great post all the same!

Music gives life
Music is life itself

We have @steemchurch
We have @steemschools
We have @steemgoodnews
This should be @steemmusic or @steemusic or @steemusiclovers

too many tags to keep track off!

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Music is a soul lifter. A burden lesser and a soul connector.

Music is considered as the food of brain in my culture. It is the only medicine to awing the one's mood from happy genre to sad within no time. Yes, music is the most powerful tool to control the human psyche. Thank you so very much for throwing the light upon this very topic the great soul @kevinwong :)

without music anywhere.🎻🥁🎧🎤🎸🎹🎶🎶🎶🎶

Music lovers time to rejoice this is the best thing one can do :D

Really nice suggestions! I would definitely like to share here some songs from concerts I have been, that would be great, also since I play the piano it's not a bad idea to post something I play but I'm a little shy :). I heard you mix, it was actually a very nice dance-electro-house mix!

After reading your very educational article, I’ve decided to become a musician. And I start right from the boat. Because you mentioned to share it, Here is my first Thank god I’m a steemien as well!
‪The Unusual Duet

via @YouTube

There are a lot of post on music that I have seen in Steemit, mostly in DTube & Dlive where it's hard for Steemian to engage with.

All types of music communities would be great!

£ Very impressed friend#

Music is one of my biggest addictions and what you describe in this post I like a lot. I am not very good composing and creating music but if I would like to share some of my advances I will be growing little by little with this excellent community, without a doubt the music is fascinating because it helps us to relax and sometimes have that emotional touch that we want to hear . I love listening to music at all times and I have a different genre depending on the activity that is being done

@kevinwong I write and compose songs myself - it's lots of fun indeed :)

For me i happen to blog mainly about music and I believe that we can make real life stars out of steemit, it is a dream i am trying to achieve but at the same time .. I am a B list vocalist and a one time winner of the steemit open mic contest with alot of dreams ,most times the stars are those people with limited resources for example i already wanna start my music career believing it with all i have that steemit is just the perfect platform for me to breakthrough just as we have youtube stars become real world stars but alot of challenges come our way when tryna start up,studio mic, good cameras for set and stuffs like that ... All these are constraints that the people willing to do good music face everyday

But regardless of me not getting enough votes to make the dream come true we do it for the love, but the encouragement is what will make us keep doing it.

We have eight (8) music contests in the Steemit Music League. Everything from the #beatbattle to the Feedback Contest to a challenge for music writers.

We have an awesome community with the Steemit Music Alliance. I think you will be surprised how much we are bringing the music community together here on Steemit.

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