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RE: {Music Swap} I want to hear what you listen to!

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This is a great cover of the song everyone knows by the Pixies. The Pixies are cool and Kim Deal is always cool. The Dandy Warhols wanted to be as cool as Kim Deal.

Kim Deal stayed cool in her next band the Breeders. She was so cool that she even had her twin Kelley Deal in the band.

Cannonball got tons of play on MTV back in the day.

I like to go extreme sometimes with my music. If we're gonna talk about songs about the Mind, Mind Flowers by Ultimate Spinach is rather extreme. Its from the 60s of course when mind expansion was the thing. It does have a slightly reminiscent chord progression to Where is my Mind, and it has a bit of that soft/hard parts the Pixies are known for. But it layers trippyness over the chords and features long indulgent guitar solos.

Here's the psychedelic magnum opus - Mind Flowers. I think this is super cool, one might say it's so cool that it's Max Frost. Best enjoyed, if you enjoy this weirdness at all, with headphones.


Nice choices!!! The Breeders riffs was kinda reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I've never heard of Ultimate Spinach, but damn is that nice. Lol They kind of have a Pink Floyd/The Animals feel to me. I could listen to shit like that all day!

Thanks again for thee great contributions!

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