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RE: {Music Swap} I want to hear what you listen to!

in #music3 months ago

It's kind of a nice pretty song but it's got that noisey bass buzzing in the background.

When I'm in the mood for noise I go full tilt with the head ripping sound of In A Hole by Jesus and Mary Chain. This song starts off with almost a fire alarm siren sound letting you know that what's coming is Not Safe. Then the noise starts in some sort of chord progression that might have been surf music a decade or so earlier. Then at 1:58 they overdub Another buzzy fuzzy noisey guitar because, why the heck not!


Hahaha Definitely a lot of noise going on there. I've never heard of these guys. They achieved something different for sure. I love hearing something new and outside of my typical listenings.

Thanks again for being the only person to add value to these posts so far!!!

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